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Feather Whirl is a fun new automatic toy for cats that gives them a unique way of playing with a feather. The toy has a rounded base that gives this product flexibility while cats tug and play with it. A BPA free plastic stick extends outwards until a feather is reached at the top of the product. The feather is securely attached, so your cat can tug with force on this toy. It is meant to be appealing to cats of all ages.


  • Unpredictable Movements
  • This toy, which is battery operated, produces movements that are not predictable. Thus, your cat will never get bored as this toy swirls its feather around in unpredictable motions. Since predictability is a killer of fun for cats, the Feather Whirl is sure to impress even the pickiest of cats.

  • Non Toxic Materials
  • The entire toy is made from non toxic and BPA free plastic. You cat or cats can safely chew, bite and swat at this toy with abandon. It is completely safe for all cats to use.


  • Durable Toy
  • Since cats can be aggressive players when they find a toy that excites them, the Feather Whirl was designed to ensure rough playing was factored into its structure. Thus, it cannot be easily broken by a cat via standard rough housing, chewing, tugging, or clawing.

  • Easy Exercise
  • Many house cats become overweight due to inactivity. The Feather Whirl gives cats the unpredictability they need in order to keep their mind and bodies active. Since cats stay intrigued with this toy for longer, they are more likely to interact with it. This can lead to weight loss and a healthier lifestyle.


  • Feather Can Rip
  • Since feathers are delicate in nature, cats will not have a particularly difficult time ripping one apart. Thus, it is quite possible that your cat will rip apart the feather on top of this toy the first day they play with it.

  • No Running
  • While this toy is interactive and automatic, it does not encourage cats to run while playing. It stays in a limited space as it spins from one side to the next, keeping your cat in one location as it whirls around.

How It Works

When the owner of this toy turns on the Feather Whirl, the feather is spin around in unpredictable directions. The round base allows the toy to be tilted in all directions with ease. This entire toy is designed to be safe for cats to bite and claw. Batteries are needed in order for this toy to automatic rotate on its own.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Take It Out Occasionally
  2. Leaving this toy out all the time can lead to familiarity with the toy – which can lead to boredom. Instead, hide the Feather Whirl and only take it out occasionally when it is playtime. This way, your cat will associate the Feather Whirl with playtime and will be more interactive with it.

  3. Use Catnip
  4. Place organic catnip in and around this toy to encourage your cat to interact with it.

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