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Flashlight Friends are stuffed animals with light emitting diodes ( led lights ) inside to also make them function as a flashlight.


  • Light Emitting Diodes
  • The led lights in Flashlight Friends are the ideal light to put inside a stuffed animal. They are very energy efficient, produce a substantial amount of light, and never get warm. This makes them a safe, effective light option for Flashlight Friends animals.

  • Handle
  • Flashlight Friends come equipped with a handle for easy carrying convenience, and more effective use as a flashlight. The light is emitted from the front of the animal, and the handle is placed on the back, opposite the light. This is the ideal place to hold a Flashlight Friends animal so that it functions best as a flashlight. No need to worry about having to grab on awkwardly, or hold it with two hands.

  • Timer
  • Flashlight Friends have an auto-off feature that is intended to conserve batteries and the led bulbs. The flashlight feature will turn off automatically after ten minutes, so you never have to worry about wasting batteries by accidentally leaving the Flashlight Friends lights on.


  • Great For Kids
  • Flashlight Friends is a great product for children. The stuffed animals come in a variety of shapes and colors, and it's a convenient way to have a flashlight in reach. Kids who are afraid of the dark and are cuddling a flashlight friend can just turn on the light that they are already holding.

  • Nighttime Safety
  • Children with Flashlight Friends can already be cuddling a flashlight at night. If they have to get up in the middle of the night for a glass of water or to use the restroom, they can just take the flashlight with them. There is no need to risk bumping into furniture or stubbing a toe in the dark trying to reach a light switch. Energy will be conserved with Flashlight Friends too, because there is no need to risk leaving the house lights on, and the auto-off feature will take care of the flashlight.

  • Variety
  • Flashlight Friends come in six different options, which appeals to more children. The animals available are a pink unicorn, black penguin, green dragon, green turtle, blue puppy, and purple panda. These options not only let children to pick a favorite, but also allow people to collect multiple Flashlight Friends, and always have a flashlight in reach.

  • Led Efficiency
  • Flashlight Friends use led lights for efficient power usage. Leds consume very little power from the 3 aaa batteries, and the bulbs last for hundreds of hours.


  • Selection
  • While Flashlight Friends come in six distinct styles, the black penguin and green turtle are only available online through the official website.

How It Works

Flashlight Friends are stuffed animals, but behind a zipper on the back of the plush, there is a battery receptacle which is wired to a series of light emitting diodes. These led lights are positioned to shine out through a circle on the chest of each animal, turning these cuddly critters into a flashlight for kids.

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