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Flawless Facial Hair Removal is a device for women that'll gently remove unwanted hair from the chin, the cheeks, and the upper lip. This device resembles a lipstick in size and shape, making it portable and discreet. You can safely use it every day, and it won't cause you any pain or irritation during use or afterward, regardless of the type of skin you have.


  • Portable
  • Given that it's only about the size of a lipstick, you'll be able to bring this tool almost anywhere with you. It's small enough to fit in a large pocket, or you may choose to stash it in your makeup bag with your real lipsticks. That way, if you notice stray hairs on your face before a big presentation at school or work, you can take it to the bathroom for a quick touch-up.

  • Battery Operated
  • This device is battery operated, so you won't need to search around for an electrical outlet every time you want to use it. You won't need to obtain your first battery on your own, either, as you'll obtain one AA battery with this hair removal tool.

  • Hypoallergenic
  • The Flawless Facial Hair Removal tool includes an 18-karat gold-plated head, making it hypoallergenic. Therefore, it won't irritate any type or tone of skin, including sensitive skin.

  • Has Built In Light
  • This hair removal tool has a built-in light, so doing touch-ups on your face in a dimly lit room won't be a struggle. All you'll need to do is flick the light on, and you'll be able to clearly see your skin. This option will also come in handy in the car if you like to minimize use of your overhead light.

Positive Points

  • Discreet
  • It's understandable that using a hair removal tool for the face can be embarrassing, but if you use this one, it's unlikely that anyone will find out. The tool is compact enough that it can be hidden in your purse, and if it is spotted, people will likely assume it's a fancy lipstick.

  • Makes Skin Smoother
  • Using this gentle tool will make your skin smoother, so when you go to apply creams or makeup, these things will go on much more smoothly than they would otherwise.

  • No Loud Sound Or Odor
  • Some hair removal devices make a lot of loud noise, while some creams emit semi-foul odors as you use them. Fortunately, with the Flawless Facial Hair Removal device, you won't need to put up with either of these unpleasant effects.

Negative Points

  • Just For Face
  • It would be ideal if this device could remove body hair, too, so you wouldn't need to carry around a razor along with it, but it hasn't been designed for that. You could make an attempt to remove body hair with it, but it might not do the job effectively.

  • Not Designed For Men
  • As with body hair, this device hasn't been designed to remove the thicker hair that's often found growing on a man's face. Men may want to give the device a try, but it may only remove some of the unwanted facial hair that's present.

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