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Flawless Glo is a facial cleansing brush which helps you get ten times the cleaning compared to hand cleansing. Let the spinning and soft bristles get dirt out of your clogged pores and keep your skin glowing.


  • Led
  • This facial cleansing brush is one of a kind because it has LED illuminating lights to give you a better view of your cleaning process.

  • Bristles
  • The bristles used in the brushes are feather soft. Made from silver ion, they are also antibacterial which means you get a much better clean compared to regular brushes or cloths.

  • Spin Technology
  • With this unit you get sonic spin technology which helps spin the bristles deep within your pores. Spinning actually gives a better clean because the bristles remove build up from inside the pores, rather than just removing build up on top of the pores.

  • Multiple Speeds
  • The spinning is available in two speeds, perfect for different levels of clean. Moreover you get three brushes so you can attach the daily cleaning brush to your stand, exchange it for the deep pore exfoliating brush when you want a deeper clean. Use the larger body brush for all over clean once your face is washed.

  • Compact
  • The unit is compact and portable so you can take it with you on the go. When you are on vacation or staying with family overnight, bring this in your luggage or your purse and keep your face clean.

  • Dermatologist
  • This design was approved by a dermatologist. It does not say which dermatologist or give any additional information about the qualifications of said dermatologist, but nonetheless it was approved.

  • All Ages And Skin
  • This design is suitable for all ages and for all skin types. Even if you have breakouts, a skin condition, or are young, you can use it.

How it's Different from Competitors

This unit really is different from competing products insofar as it has a light. There are plenty of facial cleaning brushes out there, many with rotations and speeds which get deep into the pores, but none of them have lights. Instead users have to buy lighted mirrors or magnifying mirrors in addition. Better than hand cleaning with a rag, you can illuminate and eliminate any impurities in your face using this, up to ten times better. The LED sonic cleansing pulses so that it breaks up dirt and unclogs pores. Then the soft spinning bristles remove the broken up dirt. Silver ion contained here is not found in any other facial cleaning brush, which is what keeps harmful bacteria away from your face.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Cleansers
  2. This brush can be used with water alone, but you are better off using whatever facial cleanser you already rely on. Just apply the soap to the brush, turn it on, and spin the suds onto your face to get an even richer clean. You won't feel as though you are putting bacteria back onto your face with each subsequent wash because the bristles are naturally resistant and using face soap keeps it clean after you are done.

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