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Flex Seal is thick liquid rubber which can be poured anywhere. On drying, this liquid takes a form of a flexible rubber which is completely water proof. This product can be used to seal off leakage points. It can also be used to coat tools and other items to improve their grip. Not only water, it also keeps off air and moisture and hence can be used to protect pipes and other things against corrosion.


  • Liquid To Solid
  • When Liquid Flex Seal is in its can, it is in a liquid form. However, on being poured out, it quickly turns into a solid.

  • Safe
  • The sealant is not poisonous or hazardous. It does not release any toxic fumes, and thus can be used anywhere.

  • Sealing Property
  • As Flex Seal forms a water tight seal, it can be used to seal off anything like a leaking sink or even an artificial pond.

  • Quick Action
  • The liquid turns into a solid very quickly. You do not have to wait for ages for this product to work.

  • Adhesion
  • Flex Seal tightly adheres to whatever it is poured on. As a result, it forms a very strong bond which does not come undone easily. It does not wear off or get damaged.

  • Can Be Painted
  • If you do not like its black color, you can apply any other color to it. The material of this sealant can easily be painted.

  • Using With A Brush
  • You can use this sealant with a brush. Simply dip the brush in the can and then use it to apply Flex Seal wherever you want.

  • Other Forms Of Application
  • You can also apply the sealant to a roller and then use it to coat the walls or the floor. If you want to protect a tool by coating it in this product, just dip the tool inside the can and you will be done. Lastly, you can simply pour the contents of the can wherever you want.

  • Protects From Rust
  • Rust forms because of moisture combining with air and forming a layer on top of metals, particularly iron. It protects against rust as it is waterproof and also resistant to moisture.

  • Chemical Resistant
  • The sealant is resistant to chemicals.

  • Mildew Resistant
  • It is also resistant to mildew, and so can be applied to walls and floors outdoors.

  • Multi-purpose
  • It can be used to protect and seal several things. In this way, the sealant is multipurpose and can be used for many things around the house.

  • Thick
  • The liquid is very thick and hence can seal off any crack, pore or hole as it will not just seep through the hole.

  • Weather Resistant
  • It can withstand all sorts of weather conditions, whether hot or cold. The sealant does not wear off even in extreme weather conditions.

Critical Advice

The gel dries very quickly. As a result, you should be certain of the exact place where you want it before you start pouring. Once dry, the material does not come off easily as it sticks to a surface very tightly.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Open Can
  2. Open the can to reveal the liquid present inside.

  3. Pour
  4. Pour it wherever you want to, paying attention to where it goes.

  5. Dip, Roll Or Brush
  6. Alternatively, you can apply this liquid with a brush or roller, or dip anything in it.

  7. Wait For It To Dry
  8. Wait for the rubber to dry and adhere to the surface. Your coating is now complete. .


  • Rust-oleum 265494
  • The sealant is also in the form of a liquid, which becomes dry on application. It forms a semi-smooth finish, which can then be painted, if desired. The coating will not come off or sag.

  • Liquid Rubber By Bison
  • Again, this product has similar properties and functions to Flex Seal. According to their website, it can also be used to repair soles of boots, slippers and other kinds of shoes. The product can be used for waterproofing and protection against corrosion and rust. .

Save Time

Liquid Flex Seal can be applied quickly, and also dries in a small amount of time. As a result, it can be used if you are in a hurry and want to fix something quickly.


  • Quantity
  • You may need a large amount of Flex Seal if the hole or crack you are trying to seal is very big. In some cases, several cans may be required.

  • Using On A Boat
  • In the infomercial, Liquid Flex Seal is applied on a boat and it stays in place, keeping the boat completely water-proof. While this is possible, it may require several coats of the liquid rubber. Also, if there is serious damage to the boat, keep in mind that Flex Seal may come off under high water pressure and it is best to get your boat professionally fixed.

  • Semi-smooth Finish
  • If you simply pour this liquid rubber on a surface and wait for it to try, remember that the finish might not look as smooth as you want. There may be rough patches of rubber. For better results, use a roller or a brush to apply an even coat of the liquid.

  • Let One Coat Dry First
  • Before applying a second coat, ensure that the first coat is completely dry; otherwise you will not see perfect results. .

  • Best For Small Leaks
  • While the infomercial claims that the product works on all sorts of cracks and leaks, the truth is that it is best for small holes and cracks. For huge surfaces like a whole roof, the product may crack over a period of several months, leading to the leaking occurring again.


  • For Pools And Ponds
  • The product can be applied to the base of artificial ponds and also swimming pools, to make them waterproof and ensure that no water leaks out.

  • Roofs
  • If you have any area of your roof which is leaking, applying this liquid rubber to it will completely seal off the leaking area. It can also be used to coat roofs so they are protected against corrosion and damage from rain, snow, sleet or hailstorm.

  • Equipment
  • Tools and other equipment can be coated with Liquid Flex Seal to make it easier to grip them firmly.

  • Leaking Plumbing
  • If there are any pipes, bathtubs or sinks in your house which are showing a water leak, using the sealant can fix that.

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