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Flex Seal is essentially liquid rubber in an aerosol can for use as a sealant, filling in leaks in various surfaces.


  • Propellant Can
  • Flex seal is a liquid rubber propelled out of a standard propellant can akin to spray paint. Point the nozzle in the direction you want the product to spray, and depress.

  • Color Variety
  • Flex Seal comes in three different colors for different applications. The base product is black, but it also comes in Flex Seal Brite for lighter color applications, and in clear if you don't want it to be visible.

Positive Points

  • Simple Solution
  • The commercial for Flex Seal advertises it as a replacement for calling a roofer to fix a leaky roof, and has testimonials of customers using it for their gutters. It is much less of a hassle to just buy a spray can and cover leaks yourself than to have to deal with the hassle of calling a repair person.

  • Quick
  • The convenience of having a leak-proofing spray is outstanding. Assuming you have it on hand, fixing a leak can be done in a matter of minutes rather than having to call a repairman and set up an appointment.

How It Works

Flex seal is liquid rubber in a pressurized spray can, so you can just point, spray and let it dry. It will fill in cracks and leaks with the rubber solution, and once the compound is dry, it will be water resistant.

Save Money

The twenty dollars plus the ten dollars in shipping would be significantly cheaper than having to re-roof your house. It's also substantially less than calling someone to install new gutters, or fix plumbing.

Save Time

Aside from the time it takes to ship, once you have flex seal on hand, the time required to make repairs is minimal. There's no calling a company and waiting until they have an available time to come out and fix your leaks. You can just point and spray flex seal on your leaks and take care of the problem yourself.


  • Rubberized Undercoat Spray
  • Many people doing product reviews on places like Amazon find that Flex Seal is no different from any number of rubberized undercoat sprays which are available at automotive stores. While these don't have the specific marketing at being able to repair your leaky roof, they are available for around five dollars a can.


  • Longevity
  • Flex seal does have a number of positive reviews backing its ability to stop leaks. The commercial even advocates purchasing flex seal instead of calling a repair person, but this brings up the issue of longevity. Flex seal is a spray on coating of a thin layer of rubber, which given enough exposure to the elements would likely deteriorate substantially faster than the more expensive repair. This product seems to be more of a quick fix rather than a long term solution. It seems a sound investment to stop your leaks before the repair man can make it to you. Despite its marketing, it does not seem to be a product that is an ideal replacement for true repairs.


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