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Flex Shot is another product from the makers of Flex Seal. Instead of being a pressurized liquid plastic though, Flex Shot a caulk / sealant.


  • Finger Action Dispenser
  • A standard caulking device is a caulk gun, which requires not only the caulk tube, but an extra device which can be difficult to use. Flex shot relies on a pressurized can to dispense the caulk, which makes it more convenient and accessible to the average consumer.

  • Quality Caulk
  • The commercial for the product indicates that seals made with this product can last up to 30 years.

  • Various Colors
  • Flex Shot comes in four colors to appeal to more potential projects. The colors available are black, white, clear, and almond.


    • Caulk Guns
    • Caulk guns sell for anywhere between three to over one hundred dollars, depending on quality, and caulk also varies in price based on branding and purpose.

      How it's Different from Competitors

      Flex Shot has a pressurized can that allows a press of the nozzle to release a steady stream of caulk, a mechanism which functions much like cans of whipped cream. Caulk guns can be difficult to master, and the process of caulking is also notoriously messy if you do not have much experience. Flex Shot is made by creators of Flex Seal, and benefits from that branding. The water resistance of Flex Shot is greatly supported by the positive reviews of Flex Seal.

      Save Money

      Flex shot can save you a considerable amount of money if the alternative is hiring someone to do all of your caulking for you. The forty dollar price tag buys you two cans of flex shot, extension nozzles, and a can of Flex Seal. With the amount of flex seal you receive in an order, you could cover 100 to 200 linear feet in sealant.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      • Flex Shot Versus Wet Surfaces
      • The advertisement for Flex Shot demonstrates the water resistance by using it to create seals on the bottom of a boat that has recently been riddled with holes. This brings up a question to many consumers about how long it takes to dry. The flex shot website states that Flex shot is dry to the touch in around 20 minutes, and fully cures in 48 to 72 hours. Despite the demonstrations they perform where they stop containers from leaking with wet flex shot, the site also states that it will not cure in standing water.

        Does It Really Work?

        Much like Flex Seal, Flex Shot is a generally well-reviewed item. People who have a limited experience with caulking or sealant tend to find Flex Shot easy to use, and are generally pleased with the results.

        Easy to Use

        1. Remove The Cap
        2. Flex shot comes with a clear plastic cap that must be removed.

        3. Angle At 45 Degrees
        4. The FAQ states to turn the can to 45 degrees while in use.

        5. Press And Glide
        6. Press the nozzle, and move along the area you want to apply the sealant at the rate that the Flex Shot is being dispensed.


          • Drinking Vessle Repair
          • Flex shot has not been tested for use on portable water systems.


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