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Flipazoo is a soft plush toy which can be flipped over to reveal a completely different character. As such, it is a two-in-one stuffed toy. It is in the form of different brightly colored and perfectly designed animals. A child can play with it during the day and even sleep with it at night.


  • Characters
  • There are six of these animal toys. As they can be flipped over to reveal a new toy, in total there are 12 characters. These are cat – mouse, husky – polar bear, hedgehog – turtle, elephant – tiger, unicorn – dragon and giraffe – hippo.

  • Soft
  • All of these plush toys are very soft and can even be used as pillows.

  • Colors
  • Flipazoos are brightly colored.

  • Sizes
  • These toy plush animals are present in three different sizes. The smallest size is called Flipzee. It is small enough to fit in your pocket. Therefore you can carry this tiny toy with you anywhere.

  • Flipping
  • Flipping this toy to reveal a different animal is easy to do.


  • Two Characters
  • Kids tend to get bored of their toys very quickly. As this plush toy has two forms, kids will not get tired. When they are done playing with one animal, they can simply flip it and play with the other one. Flipping is also fun for kids.

  • Portability
  • Little Flipzee can be carried everywhere and so kids can take them to their friends’ house and they can play together.

Negative Points

  • Cleanliness
  • As these are plush animals that will be used very frequently, they tend to get dirty over time. While regular plastic toys can simply be dusted off, these ones need to be washed when they get dirty.

  • Machine Washable Or Not
  • The advertisement does not mention whether or not it is safe to wash these plush animals in a washing machine. Flipzees can easily fit in a washing machine but we are not told if they will be damaged by it or not.

  • Durability
  • Anything that has stitching is liable to get torn or damaged. Flipazoo does not offer any guarantee about the quality of stitching of their products.


  • Allergies
  • Some Flipazoo animals have fur. Dirt can be trapped in this fur if no attention is paid to cleanliness. This dirt can be harmful, particularly if a child is allergic to dust.

  • Flipzees May Get Lost
  • Flipzees are small in size and therefore, a child may easily lose them somewhere.

  • Convertible Layer
  • There is a layer of fabric that runs half the length of the toy. This layer can be pulled back to reveal a new Flipazoo character. With regular use over a long period of time, this layer may become loose. You will not be able to flip the animal quite so easily when that happens.

  • Little Information
  • The official website for the product does not contain sufficient information. For example, we are told that there are three sizes but no measurements are given.

How it's Different from Competitors

There are many other two-sided stuffed animals in the market. So, Flipazoo can't be really termed as a unique product. Make sure you compare prices before ordering Flipazoo.

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