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Focus T25 is the latest workout brought to you by Shaun T the guy behind the Insanity workout plan. The workout is specially designed for those busy people who claim they have no time to work out. In just 25 minutes the Focus T25 plan gives you around an hour's worth of results.

Does It Really Work?

The Focus T25 program is designed to provide results - Fast. It really does work, but you need to put in the effort required in order to reap the benefits. After 5 weeks using the Alpha cycle detailed below you move onto the Beta cycle that will really kick things up a notch. Results will vary from person to person, but overall if you stick to the program and put in the required level of effort then you will see results.


  • Cardio
  • The alpha cycle begins with 25 minutes of cardio designed to make you sweat and more importantly burn calories.

  • Speed 1.0
  • Next comes speed 1.0 designed to burn fat. The fast pace gives fast results.

  • Total Body Circuit
  • This part of the workout focuses on strength and resistance training without the need for weights.

  • Ab Intervals
  • Shave those extra pounds of fat from your midsection with cardio and ab intervals.

  • Lower Focus
  • In order to really burn that fat, turn your attention to the lower body muscles.

  • Beta Cycle
  • After 5 weeks of the Alpha cycle it is time to kick it up a gear and start the Beta cycle. This includes core cardio, Speed 2.0, Rip't Circuits, Dynamic core and upper focus.

  • 3 Additional Bonus Tools
  • Focus T25 includes 3 additional bonus tools to help you get the most from your workouts including the quick start guide and Shaun T's 'get it done' nutrition. Finally, you also receive the alpha-beta wall chart to show which workout should be completed each day.


  • Consult A Doctor First
  • It is important to note that the Focus T25 plan is an extreme exercise program. The plan is physically demanding and it is wise to consult a doctor prior to attempting it. When you do decide to go for it please do follow all safety instructions to avoid injury.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Short Workouts Are Effective
  2. Longer workouts do not necessarily deliver better results. In fact, studies show that the first 30 minutes are more effective than subsequent work out time.

  3. Zero Rest Means Better Results
  4. This is a full body workout. Focus Interval Training works all of the muscle groups all of the time. It is short and focused with no rest breaks providing better results.

Save Time

The Focus T25 workout takes just 25 minutes a day. No matter how busy you think you are, you can spare 25 minutes a day. The short time required to complete the daily workout removes the number one excuse for not working out from the equation. You are getting the results you would expect from an hour long workout in only 25 minutes because it is intense with no rest. As Shaun T says, 'you can rest when you go to bed! '.


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