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Fur Wizard is an extra-large brush that will quickly clean pet fur and other lint off of clothing, furniture and various other surfaces. It can even be used in the car. Unlike standard cleaning brushes, this one is double-sided and comes with its own self-cleaning base, which will clean off the brush after every use in seconds. With each brush, you'll also get a mini brush with its own self-cleaning base.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Rub Brush Back And Forth
  2. To begin cleaning a piece of clothing or furniture with your Fur Wizard, simply rub the brush back and forth across it. You can use one side of the brush to do this, or alternate sides, but will likely find the section option is faster.

  3. Clean By Using Base
  4. Once you're done cleaning, or your brush gets covered in fur or fuzz, you'll need to dunk it in its self-cleaning base. To do so, hold it by the handle and dunk it top-down, then pull it out slowly. It should be free of virtually any stray bit of fuzz after this.

  5. Empty Base
  6. Your self-cleaning base will fill up with fur and fuzz over time, so it's best to empty this after each cleaning session. To empty it, just pull the plastic bottom off and dump the base over a wastebasket.

How It Works

Each Fur Wizard contains thousands of micro-sized bristles that will act like tiny fingers, grabbing each unwanted piece of fur or lint as you use the brush to clean something. The self-cleaning base contains the same kind of bristles, so it'll be able to clean your brush in the same way that your brush will clean a piece of fabric.


  • Extra Large
  • This brush is larger than most brushes of its type, so it'll be able to grab more fur or fuzz in one pass or swipe than others are able to, especially since it's double-sided.

  • Long Handle
  • Each brush has a long and fairly flat blue handle, which means it won't be difficult to hold as you guide it along a fuzz-filled surface.

  • Blue And White
  • The Fur Wizard comes in a combination of blue and white, and each self-cleaning base comes in a matching combination of shades. Not only will the blue paddle on your brush make it look attractive, it'll also allow you to see how much lint you're picking up, since most lint is white or grey.

  • Portable
  • This lint-cleaning brush is about the same size as a large paddle hairbrush, and it's self-cleaning base isn't much wider, so you'll be able to take it with you to a variety of places. If you're bringing your dog on a camping trip or a trip to the cottage, it'll come in handy there if and when the dog starts to shed.

Positive Points

  • Can Use In Car
  • Besides using it in a home or a home away from home, the Fur Wizard can also be used in vehicles to clean lint, pet fur and other debris off your seats.

  • Comes With Mini Brush
  • If you have a very limited amount of space and don't want to take your larger Fur Wizard with you everywhere, each one comes with an almost identical cool mini brush. It has its own self-cleaning base, too, and it's ideal for the office if you often pick up lint on your clothing throughout the day.

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