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The Genie Bra is a seamless bra designed to offer comfort and support. Also included in the genie lingerie range are panties, leggings and shape wear. Using a soft and stretchy fabric the bra aims to eliminate the discomfort that many traditional bras can cause for women. It is ideal as a sleep bra and can double as a camisole under sheer clothing. Genie Bras promise to offer support and comfort thanks to their seamless design and soft knit everlast fabric.


  • Knitted Wide Support Band
  • Gone are those uncomfortable bra days. The wide knitted support band is soft and comfortable while offering lift and supprt.

  • Maximum Coverage
  • Ideal for wearing under low cut tops, sweaters and even dresses thanks to the maximum coverage offered by Genie Bra.

  • Removable Pads
  • A concealed pouch offers a place for easy to remove pads for extra lift and / or modesty.

  • Machine Washable
  • All Genie Bras are machine washable and dryer safe provided that you remove the pads.

  • Comfort Fabric
  • The everlast fabric used in the Genie Bra includes 96% nylon and 4% spandex. This offers a soft and comfortable fit against the skin.

  • Easy To Put On
  • The Genie Bra is one piece of fabric without seams or hooks. Simply step into it and pull up. Thanks to the stretch fabric it is very easy to put the bra on.


The Genie Bra commercial claims that this is the best selling seamless bra in the united states. It cites the combination of style and comfort as one of the key factors. A 60 day money back guarantee is also offered if you are not totally happy with the comfort and fit offered by the Genie Bra.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can It Be Worn As A Camisole?
  • Yes. The Genie Bra works well as a camisole without the need to add an additional layer of clothing.

  • Are The Bras Hard To Put On?
  • No. Although the bras are one piece, they are easy to get on. Just step into it and pull it up. The stretch fabric makes this really easy.

  • Does The Bra Have Hooks?
  • No. The Genie Bra is a single piece without hooks. Only the custom version has hooks.

  • What Is The Custom Genie?
  • The custom Genie Bra is a convertible bra with a difference. It is seamless and offers over 30 hook positions for the perfect custom fit. This version of the Genie Bra also has removable straps.


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