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The Genie Zip bra is a comfortable, supportive bra that zips up the front instead of closing at the back, so it is easy to put on and take off. It is made of soft, stretchy nylon ( 96 percent ) and spandex (4 percent). This bra conforms to your shape so well that when you’re wearing it, you’ll feel as if you’re wearing a second skin.

How It Works

The Genie Zip bra is designed in a way to maximize comfort and support. First of all, it has no annoying wires, plastic straps, or metal clasps. All you need to do is pull it on in one piece, and no part of it will dig into your body. Even the wide, supportive band that goes around your rib cage will not feel uncomfortably tight, nor will it cause any indentation marks. This bra’s cross-back design will give you the support you need to maintain perfect posture all day, and its memory foam straps will support your shoulders. Its contour panels on each side will support your underarm area and minimize any fat spillage.


  1. Sports
  2. The bra’s cross-back design enables it to provide enough support for you to do your favorite athletic activities without any uncomfortable bouncing or jiggling of the bust.

  3. Everyday Wear
  4. The Genie Zip bra looks good with virtually any item of clothing, so you can wear it to work, while running errands, while walking the dog, or in any other situation you want.

  5. Low Cut Tops/dresses
  6. Unlike some bras, this bra looks good with low-cut tops and dresses, as it won’t poke out over the edges of the clothing or protrude through the fabric. Therefore, if you want to wear something low-cut for an evening out, the Genie Zip bra is an ideal choice.

Positive Points

  • Comes In Three Shades
  • The Genie Zip bra comes in black, nude, and white, so you can choose the shade that best goes with any outfit.

  • Variety Of Sizes Available
  • The Genie Zip bra comes in sizes small to 3x, so it will suit a wide variety of busts.

  • Removable Cups
  • This bra features removable cups that you can leave in if you want some extra lift. These will also make your silhouette look smoother, allowing you to look your absolute best in a body-hugging sweater.

  • Never Rides Up
  • While many bras begin to ride up throughout the day, as you engage in activities, this one’s resilient fabric and sturdy design will hold it in place all day long.

  • Minimizes Fat Bulges
  • Especially if you’re carrying a few extra pounds, you’ve likely noticed that fat sometimes bulges out of your bra at the bottom and around the shoulder straps. When you’re wearing a tight shirt or dress, these bulges are often very noticeable. Fortunately, the Genie Zip bra’s side panels, bottom band, and shoulder straps allow the bra to fit tightly enough to support you, but not so tightly that they cause spillage. They stretch around, and conform to, your unique curves.

  • Machine Washable
  • Due to the rust-proof zipper, the Genie Zip bra is machine washable, although it is recommended that you remove the pads before washing. The bra, minus the pads, is also dryer safe. You can wash the pads by hand and air-dry them if you need to.

Critical Advice

Not all bras are sized in the same way, so make sure you check the company’s size chart before you order a Genie Zip bra. The bra will conform to your shape perfectly when you’re wearing the right size, but if you select the wrong size, it won’t provide that ideal fit.


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