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Glow Candles are flameless candles that come in sets of three, with each set containing a small candle, a medium candle, and a large one. They light up due to built-in LED lights that will glow for thousands of hours without burning out, and they can be operated by the remote control included with each set. Like traditional candles, they're made completely out of wax.

How It Works

After you've lit your candles by using the remote control to activate the LED lights within, you can use the remote to change the style of illumination. You'll have the choice between a flickering flame and a steady glow, and you can alternate between the two with just the click of a button, if desired. The remote can also be used to change the color of each candle, and when it comes to that, you'll have a choice between 12 pretty shades. When you're done with your candles, all you'll need to do is use the controller to turn them off, or to set a timer that'll make them automatically turn off after four or eight hours.


  1. Bedroom
  2. If you don't like sleeping in the pitch dark, one or more Glow Candles will give you a bit of light as you snuggle with your partner or get cozy under the covers alone. Since these candles remain cool to the touch when lit, and have no flame, they're also safe to use in a child's room as a night light.

  3. Bathroom
  4. Your Glow Candles will create a desirable ambience as you relax in a hot bath after a long day. Due to their flameless nature, you'll be able to close your eyes and relax without worrying that they'll singe your hair or cause something else in your bathroom to catch on fire.

  5. Romantic Dates
  6. If you set your Glow Candles up to provide you with a flickering flame, this will create a romantic mood while you eat a candlelit dinner or cuddle on the couch with your sweetheart.

  7. Dinner Parties
  8. Regardless of whether you're eating a formal dinner at the dining room table, or are enjoying barbecued goods out on the patio, Glow Candles will look attractive while providing some brightness to your group. If you've got an outdoor pool, you can place them nearby in order to reduce the risk of someone unintentionally falling in.

  9. Holiday Decorations
  10. Due to the fact that they're able to change color, Glow Candles will also make great decorations for virtually any holiday. Regarding three of the most popular holidays, you can make them orange for Halloween, red and green for Christmas, or red, white and blue for the Fourth of July.


  • Traditional Candles
  • Traditional candles look pretty, too, but you'll need to light them with a match, and then they'll carry a flame that could burn you or the objects around you. Moreover, as the wax melts, these candles tend to drip, and they get so hot that you might burn your fingers if you touch them. On the other hand, Glow Candles don't melt or drip, and they have no flame. Hence, they pose no safety risk and will never shrink in size, regardless of how often they're used.

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