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Gotham Steel state that they have the newest nonstick cookware, perfect for all manner of cooking. The company claims that the pan can withstand fire and can even safely cook up to 500 degrees in the kitchen. This company asserts that the pan is dishwasher safe too.


The Gotham Steel product claims to use the newest technology in non-stick methods, resulting in a pan made out of ceramic and titanium. This design claims that foods just slip right off the pan when done, nothing sticking to the pan. They claim that consumers can make s’mores in the pan, whisk eggs without scratching. Consumers can remove burnt cheese without effort, and even make flambé perfectly with no other effort after cooking beyond a simple wipe with a clean rag. Additionally, the company purports that it can withstand up to five hundred degrees.


  • Non-stick
  • The strongest non-stick pan customers will need in their collection. Other “non-stick” pans end up covered in burnt food that might come off with elbow grease but attempts to get rid of the residue leads to scratches on the surface. In fact, the company claims that you can melt condensed milk, marshmallows, and chocolate chips to the surface and it will still slide away.

  • Healthier Cooking
  • Gotham Steel claims that using this pan will allow for a healthier diet overall because the non-stick nature of the pan essentially eliminates the need for oil or butter before cooking. No grease is necessary to keep things from slipping. Therefore where consumers previously add it for that purpose, they will be able to cut it out of their diet now.

  • Non-toxic
  • The Gotham Steel Pans are pfos, ptfe, and pfoa free. These claims mean that these toxins do not contribute any contaminants to the food consumers make in the pan.


  • Healthy And Non-toxic
  • The surface is non-allergenic, perfect for any home with allergies. It is also anti-bacterial which makes it safer for consumer use. The surface is non-porous too.

  • Heats Fast
  • It heats up quickly and evenly. Within less than one minute the pan is ready to go which makes cooking time faster.

  • Lightweight
  • The pan itself is lightweight which makes it a comparable alternative to cast iron pans which are too heavy to move in and out of the oven or around the kitchen.


  • Cost
  • It is quite expensive. Of course, titanium should be a long term investment but the price of titanium normally compared to the price for this pan suggests that there is only a small amount in the pan.

  • Stickiness
  • While the company talks about the easy cleaning, consumers will surely find after just one or two uses that the claims are actually the same as other “nonstick pans”. Eventually the burnt food particles will come off but not before the consumer puts in a lot of hard work scrubbing away. Even then some layers are seemingly there to stay.

  • Returns
  • The company claims to offer a 90 day return, but this is misleading, as it really only offers a 30 day return. What’s more, any returns require the consumer to pay shipping and handling.

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