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The Grab It Reacher is a tool that will help you grab things from high shelves and cupboards, from behind or under furniture, and from various other hard-to-reach spaces. Basically, it functions as an extra, super-long hand. This device is lightweight but sturdy, and will lift up to five pounds at once, so you'll be able to use it to pick up a variety of common household objects.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Fold Out And Adjust
  2. To pick up your first object with your Grab It Reacher, you'll need to fold it out to its full length and adjust the angle of the gripping claws, if necessary. You'll be able to swivel the claws in a half-circle, or 90 degrees, if need be.

  3. Grab Object
  4. Once you've got your gripper positioned at the right angle, hang onto the device's handle and extend it as far as necessary to grab the object you want. If you need to adjust the angle of the claws again at this point, this can be done in seconds. To relieve yourself of the responsibility of gripping the device's handle as you carry your retrieved object, simply flip the switch on the handle down in order to turn on the locked ratcheting action.

  5. Fold Again And Store
  6. After you're done retrieving objects with this device for the time being, fold it up again so it's smaller and store it in a drawer, on a shelf or wherever you choose.


  • Soft Tips
  • The claws on each of these grippers have soft tips for gripping, so you'll be able to hold a variety of objects securely without running the risk of breaking them. You won't need to worry about this tool destroying your wine glasses, collectible figurines or other breakable items.

  • Led Light
  • Each Grab It Reacher contains an LED light, located near its claws, which will come in handy when you need to grab objects from dark spaces. Since LED lights tend to last longer than other small bulbs, this one may last you for years without needing to be replaced.

  • Magnet And Hook
  • These grippers also each contain a magnet and a hook, which'll assist you with grabbing certain objects ( especially small ones ) when you've dropped them on the floor, on the ground, or between pieces of furniture.

  • Portable
  • Especially when folded up, one of these devices is small and lightweight enough for you to transport in your car, or even walk down the street with comfortably. That means you'll be able to bring it with you to the cottage, the office, a friend's place or almost anywhere else.

Positive Points

  • For Indoor And Outdoor Use
  • This device will work equally well both indoors and outdoors, regardless of whether you're hanging plants, picking up stray trash off the lawn or cleaning up a mess on your kitchen floor. While the Grab It Reacher will pick up items that weigh up to five pounds, its claws can narrow themselves enough to pick up tiny objects, too.

  • Ultra Version Available
  • Besides the default Deluxe version, this tool also comes in an Ultra version. The Ultra version offers all the features that the Deluxe one does, but it has an even longer handle ( 40 inches ) with a rubberized non-slip grip design.

3 REVIEWS FOR Grab It Reacher

D Hodge | DuPont, WA | 12 Jan 2019

Broken one when received. Contacted 6 times since Nov 7. Was to be mailed and to be received by Dec 16. Now claiming out of stock. Still waiting. Terrible service.

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Amen to Sharon's Review

Barb | Durham, NC | 02 Jul 2018

See Sharon's above 1-star review. I totally concur with her review.

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Sharon | Mascotte, FL | 13 Sep 2017

Waste of money even if 1 was "free"! Folding mechanism broke first time I used it on both reachers, rachet device never worked on either reacher, and grabber won't fully close to pick up small items. Terrible customer service - didn't find out about the delay in delivery until I tried to call the company. No one answered telephones ( tried multiple times: no answer then disconnected ). Finally someone answered email with promised date of delivery - never delivered on that date. Received reachers weeks after promised date (2 months after I originally ordered). Don't waste your money even if it looks like a "good deal"! ! !

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