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Grass Shot is a hydro-seeding system that actually attaches your grass seeds to the ground. You can say goodbye to throwing seeds randomly all over your lawn just to end up with weeds or birds nibbling on your seeds. This product produces a foam that sticks to the ground ensuring the seeds are rooted. The results? Lush green grass that will grow anywhere. Now you can cover up high traffic areas, pet urine spots and shades spots simply by using Grass Shot.


  • See What You Are Doing
  • When you use an applicator to apply seeds or when you scatter them by hand they end up all over the place. The seeds are not distributed in any particular pattern and you never know if you have missed a spot. Foam produced by Grass Shot lets you see exactly where you have seeded and if you missed a spot.

  • Will Not Wash Away
  • Grass shot will not wash away with the rain or blow away with the wind like traditional grass seeds.

  • Sticks To Anything
  • Grass shot will stick to anything so you never have to worry about the seeds not sticking to the soil. The infomercial showed Grass Shot being sprayed onto a set of cinder blocks. Just weeks later these cinder blocks were covered in thick green grass.

  • No Weeds
  • This product will not result in weed growth.


  • Portable
  • Grass Shot is portable making it convenient to use. All you have to do is hold the handle. You can say goodbye to holding a bag with one hand and distributing seeds with the other.

  • Blend Perfectly
  • The high quality Grass Shot seeds will blend in perfectly with your existing lawn creating an even lush yard.

  • Pocket Hose
  • Ever order also comes with a 25 foot pocket hose ultra. This is the number one best selling expandable hose in the United States.

  • Covers A Lot Of Ground
  • Grass Shot will cover a lot of ground. This one bottle will cover 700 spots or 350 square feet of lawn.

  • Fast Results
  • Grass Shot helps produce fast results. Before you know it your lawn will be thick and full.

Easy to Use

  1. Attach Hose
  2. The first step to using Grass Shot is to attach your hose to the valve located at the back of the bottle.

  3. Turn On Hose
  4. The next step is to turn on your hose.

  5. Turn Knob
  6. Turn the Grass Shot knob to open the bottle up. This will allow the product to flow out.

  7. Spray
  8. The final step is to spray the product where ever you want lush green grass to grow.

How It Works

The secret behind Grass Shot is the environmentally friendly foam that the product produces. This foam is a combination of seeds, fertilizer and hydro-mulch which act to cure the seeds and loosen soil. By loosening the soil, it creates the perfect environment for grass to grow because the seeds easily take root to the soil - they stick to it.


The Grass Shot infomercial claims that this is the best and fastest way to grow your grass. In fact, this product has been used by golf courses, municipalities and professional landscapers for years. Now it is finally available at your fingertips and you can use it from the comfort of your own home.

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