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Green Coffee optimum is a natural supplement that will aid with weight loss. It is made of 100 percent natural extract from Green Coffee beans, and includes no extra chemicals, fillers, or binders. Each bottle contains 60 capsules, with each containing 800 mg of the supplement. The supplement is made in a gmp ( good manufacturing practices ) certified facility, as per the united states food and drug administration.

How It Works

Standard coffee beans are actually made up of green seeds residing within red berries. In order to obtain Green Coffee bean extract, the producers of Green Coffee optimum simply do not roast the green seeds, as is done within standard coffee-making practices. Instead, the seeds are soaked and concentrated so that they morph into extract. This extract is so helpful in regards to weight loss since it contains chlorogenic acid, a compound that assists with fat burning and consequently, the weight loss process. Green Coffee optimum’s extract contains 50 percent chlorogenic acid.


  1. Weight Loss
  2. Along with eating a healthy diet and getting regular exercise, Green Coffee will help you lose weight. Although it won't make you lose a ton of weight on its own, it will certainly speed up the process if you put a lot of effort into healthy living. However, it will enable you to burn some fat regardless of whether you exercise or not.

  3. Energy Boosting
  4. Even if you don't need to lose weight, taking a Green Coffee supplement will make you feel more energetic. This will allow you to move quickly and easily through your activities each day, while feeling healthier than you would otherwise.

Positive Points

  • Simple Regimen
  • Users of this supplement do not need to keep track of a confusing schedule. Since they need to take a supplement before each meal they consume each day, this makes the schedule easy to remember.

  • No Long-term Side Effects
  • Users of Green Coffee extract do not experience any long-term side effects. Some users say that they experience a bit of anxiety when they first start taking the supplement, but this disappears.

  • Safe
  • The facility in which Green Coffee optimum is made has been deemed gmp certified by the united states food and drug administration. Therefore, it is evident that no questionable practices are being used to manufacture the supplements.

  • No Diet Foods Required
  • With some fat-burning weight loss aids, you are required to eat very specific foods in order to experience optimum results. However, all you need to do when taking Green Coffee optimum is eat foods that are healthy.

Negative Points

  • Get Same Benefits From Fruit
  • Chlorogenic acid, the fat-burning compound naturally occurring in Green Coffee optimum, also occurs naturally in some fruits, like apples and cherries. Therefore, if you eat those fruits regularly you will not have much need for this supplement.

  • Few Capsules In Bottle
  • When you take a capsule at every meal, the 60 capsules in each bottle will run out quite quickly.

  • Not Very Effective On Own
  • Some weight loss supplements will allow you to rapidly shed pounds without changing what you eat or increasing your activity level. However, the producers of this one say that the extract won’t offer a great deal of results on its own, without adding a healthy diet and exercise to the mix.

Critical Advice

Green Coffee optimum has not been designed to cure or prevent diseases. If you have any existing medical conditions, you should talk to a doctor before starting the supplement, as you should before beginning to take any supplement.

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