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Gs27 Deep Scratch Remover is a high quality formula created to remove the worst of scratches from any vehicle. This formula is easy to use and comes with everything you need to remove scratches. It is intended to allow people to avoid a visit to the body shop. Its special formula allows customers to remove deep scratches on their car by themselves with an easy scratch removal kit.


  • It Actually Works
  • Gs27 Deep Scratch Remover has been proven to work. This product is perfect for annoying scratches your car that you do not want to pay thousands of dollars to fix. It can also protect your car from being scratched in the future.

  • Fast And Easy
  • This deep scratch removal formula is applied to a microfiber cloth, then scrubbed onto the area of the car suffering from scratches. It does not take hours to use and can be done within minutes.


  • Better On Smaller Scratches
  • Small scratches see the best results when using this product. Let’s face it, some scratches can be too bad to be fixed with a formula.

  • Hard To Find
  • This product is not yet offered online. Gs27 Deep Scratch Remover may be hard to find depending on where you may live.


  • Removes Complicated Scratches
  • Gs27 Deep Scratch Remover removes most scratches unless they are extremely severe. This product really works and can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars compared to going to a body shop.

  • High Quality Formula
  • Gs27 Deep Scratch Remover is a high quality formula specifically formulated to remove blemished off of vehicles with easy use.


Gs27 Deep Scratch Remover is a leading scratch removal formula across the country. There are not many products that can give the results that this product can without costing too much and taking too much time to use. This product is reliable and produced by a trusted brand.

How It Works

Gs27 Deep Scratch Remover works to remove deep scratches on the surface of any vehicle. The damaged area must first be cleaned. Then, the formula should be placed on a microfiber cloth and slowly rubbed onto the area of the vehicle that is scratched. Results can be seen after just one use.

How it's Different from Competitors

Gs27 Deep Scratch Remover is different from competitors because it is a first in the scratch removal formula industry with great reviews. Many people seem to have had positive experiences when using this product compared to other scratch removal brands and products.


  • Auto Barn Scratch Remover
  • Auto barn clear coat scratch remover is a brand of scratch removal products that offer same great results. This formula is more for smaller scratches.

  • Formula 1 Scratch Remover
  • This product has great reviews and many people claim that it works like magic. It can be found at most local stores and on a few selected websites.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Do Not Expect A Miracle
  2. If the scratch on your car is severe, do not expect this formula to completely fix a severely damaged car. This formula can fix small to moderate deep scratches, but it is still not a miracle worker.

  3. Use It Often
  4. Gs27 Deep Scratch Remover does not only remove scratches, it can also help to protect your car from future scratches. The formula contains chemicals that work as a shield for your car and can help defend your car against future blemishes.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does It Really Work?
  • Yes, this product works well for small to moderate deep scratches on vehicles.

  • What About Customer Service?
  • The GS27 Deep Scratch Remover website has a customer service number that you may call if you have any questions.

  • What About Online Purchases?
  • This product is currently not available online. However, you can fill out a quick order form and a representative will contact you to give you more information on how you can purchase the product.

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Vonciele | Imperial, CA | 29 Aug 2016

I love this stuff, use it in the kitchen always. Works on getting permanent markers off, rust, brings back the luster on metals, too. It is not abrasive to my finger nails.

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