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Registered by the better business bureau, Guardian Home Security offers award-winning security services to their customers. They work to protect your family from home invasions while you are home with wireless technology. When you are not home, they protect your precious valuables from thieves and values for complete, 24 / 7 protection that you can rely on.


  • Double Backup Power
  • If the power ever goes off in your home, you will still be protected with Guardian Home Security. Their double backup power-protected alarm monitoring center allows you to trust your service.

  • New Technology
  • The state-of-the-art technology offered by Guardian Home Security keep every aspect of your home completely safe. It also allows their highly-trained emergency dispatchers to response in an average of one minute or less.


  • No Automatic Locks
  • Guardian offers several home automation features but they do not offer automation locks with their services.

  • Installation Fee
  • Due to the many amenities that Guardian Home Security offers, the installation fee is typically rather high when compared to other services.


  • Alarm Monitoring
  • Customers of Guardian Home Security receive 24-hour alarm monitoring. This keeps people and their homes safe every day of the year.

  • Motion Detector
  • All of the packages offered by Guardian Home Security offer at least one motion detector. This is a great way to catch potential intruders in the act before they even have the chance to make it into your home.


Guardian Home Security offers security systems for both homes and small businesses. These systems provide fire and perimeter-intrusion protection using a wide array of basic security devices. The revolutionary systems that they use effectively monitor homes from many different threats, including fire and theft.

How It Works

Guardian Home Security offers four different packages for their customers. The packages include essential, plus, premium and empower. Each package includes 25-hours alarm monitoring, theft guarantee protection, yard signs, three window sensors, relocation guarantee and more.

How it's Different from Competitors

Guardian Home Security is different from competitors because it includes offers for several different packages to their customers. They are also different because they have a theft protection guarantee.


  • Adt Home Security
  • Adt home security offers an array of different features, most of which are wireless. Their number one goal is protect people, their assets and their homes from many different threats. The customer service team that works for adt works every day of the year and every minute of the day to keep up with the safety of their customers.

  • Lifeshield
  • Lifeshield home security is similar to Guardian Home Security because of the revolutionary technology that they use to keep their customers safe. They are different because not much of the information is made portable.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Choose Service Wisely
  2. Guardian Home Security offers many different package options to their customers. This means it is essential that you chose the package wisely. Choose one that best fits the need of your home and family.

  3. Insurance Discount
  4. If your home is protected by Guardian Home Security, you may be eligible for a home security discount. Oftentimes, insurance companies provide discounts because their homes are protected with security.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is It 24/7?
  • Yes, Guardian Home Security offers 24 / 7 coverage to their customers. This includes every day of the week and end every minute of the year.

  • Do You Install It Yourself?
  • The equipment offered by Guardian Home Security is not for self-installation. A trained professional will come to your home and properly install the equipment.

  • Is There A Contract?
  • Yes, there is an annual contract with Guardian Home Security.

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