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Handy Stitch is a handheld sewing machine for any portable sewing needs.


  • Battery Operated
  • Handy Stitch is battery operated, so it can be conveniently taken on the go to make repairs outside of the home. It also comes with an ac adapter for use when an outlet is available.

  • Compact Size
  • Handy Stitch is small enough to be taken on the go, and used in applications that would otherwise not be feasible for a standard sewing machine.


  • Versatile Power Usage
  • Handy Stitch is both portable and efficient. It can run using batteries when outdoors or on the go, but also includes an adapter to not use batteries when an outlet is available for use.

  • Strong And Gentile
  • The infomercial for Handy Stitch indicates that it is delicate enough to work well on silk, but remains strong enough to go through multiple layers of denim.

Save Money

Handy Stitch is about as expensive as a cheap tabletop sewing machine, but is much more convenient and versatile. The Handy Stitch can do many tasks that these lower end sewing machines are not capable of due to size and battery usage. While a standard tabletop sewing machine is bulky and generally has to stay in place during use, Handy Stitch can be used on the run. Sewing repairs can save a substantial amount of money by allowing fabrics to be repaired, rather than replaced.

Save Time

Handy Stitch can save time by eliminating some steps required to make certain repairs. To repair outdoor materials, you would normally have to take down the fabric, drag it inside, preform the repair, drag it back outside, and set the fabric up again. The Handy Stitch, on the other hand, eliminates most of these steps because it is portable enough to just take outside, and perform the entire repair outdoors.


  • Michley Zdml-2
  • The michley zdml-2 is another handheld sewing machine. Reviews on this sewing machine are not stellar, and many indicate that the item breaks easily, or is not suited to go through tough fabrics like denim.

  • Singer Stitch Sew Quick
  • Stitch sew quick by singer is another handheld sewing machine, and is generally reviewed much like the michley zdml-2. Reviews indicate a lack of ability to go through denim, and that the machine breaks too easily.

  • Sew-on-the-go
  • Sew-on-the-go is a handheld, hand operated sewing machine. This means that instead of batteries or and ac adapter, it uses hand power, in an action akin to that of a stapler. Reviews on this seem to indicate a lack of quality control, as many reviewers find that the stitch doesn't ever anchor, making the thread very easy to remove.

  • Spring Come
  • The spring come sewing machine carries better reviews than sew-on-the-go, stitch sew quick, and the zdml-2, but still reviewers find that it lacks the ability to go through denim.

How it's Different from Competitors

Handy Stitch is different from the competitors because it keeps the convenience of being handheld, but with the power to go through denim. The infomercial for the Handy Stitch even demonstrates stitches being made through four layers of denim.

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