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Hide Away Pets are the latest plush toy that kids are going crazy for! These soft and cuddly animals are the perfect play mate. Open them up to play and when you are done they curl up in a ball until the next play time. With seven different pets to choose from there is one for everyone - why not collect them all. Don't forget to look our for baby Hide Away Pets and the new jumbo sized pet too.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Many Pets Are There?
  • There are 7 different Hide Away Pets to collect. Choose from a siberian husky, a lop eared bunny, a hedgehog, a Persian kitten, a snow monkey, a penguin or an African lion.

  • How Big Is The Toy?
  • Each plush toy is 15 inches high.

  • What Is The Free Gift?
  • Each plush toy currently comes with a free baby hide away pet measuring 5 inches and free adventure cards. All you need to pay for the baby version is the additional shipping costs.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Use Your Pet To Amuse Baby
  2. The hide away pet puts a fun twist on playing peek-a-boo. Why not use your new plushie friend to play with a baby or toddler. Young children love to watch the per pop out and surprise them time and time again.

  3. Cuddle Your New Friend
  4. Hide away pets are super soft and super cuddly. Curl up at story time or when watching a movie and snuggle with one of these beautiful animal toys. The jumbo sized hide away pet is especially great for cuddling!

  5. Play Games
  6. The number of fun games that you can play with your Hide Away Pet is amazing and the best part is, that there is no mess. When you are done playing your hide away pet will just roll up until next time.

How it's Different from Competitors

This is more than just another plush animal. These beautiful stuffed animals fold up when they are not being played with and then you can pop them open when you are ready for your next adventure. Hide away pets are great for little kids. They are going to love opening up these cute furry friends and then watching them curl up when it is bed time. It is a new twist on the classic teddy bear. They are soft and cuddly not to mention super cure - what more could you ask for?


The infomercial will tell you all about the current special offer. When you buy one of the Hide away Pets, you will also receive the baby version of the same animal. These are just 5 inches tall and curl up just like the bigger version. All you need to pay for the free baby is the shipping and handling costs. The baby will even fit inside the larger hide away pet when it is curled up helping to keep both of your pets safe and sound in one place. You will also see the jumbo sized pets featured in the video. This larger size is also available to purchase.

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