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Montel's Encyclopedia of Home Remedies is just that; a book filled over a thousand home remedies for using natural everyday things to cure any number of maladies.


  1. Home Remedy Reference
  2. This book is an alphabetized reference for using ordinary household plants, herbs, and spices for alleviating everything from joint pain to thinning hair.


  • Encyclopedic Knowledge
  • This book contains over one thousand home remedies covering a broad spectrum of conditions. It gathers a large amount of information on the subject of home remedies all into one book.

  • Free Gift
  • The free gift included with this offer is a related remedies book. Simple pet remedies is a companion book covering home remedies for pets, and while it is smaller, this book is a logical companion to the encyclopedia of home remedies.

Save Money

Montel's Encyclopedia of Home Remedies can potentially save money if you are able to resolve a health issue with a home remedy instead of visiting a doctor. Often physicians bills in addition to the cost of a prescription, even with a copay, will exceed the near thirty dollars this book will cost you after shipping. Similarly you can save if you can give your pet one of the remedies listed in the companion book rather than take a trip to the veterinarian.

Save Time

Assuming you have an ailment that can be treated or cured with a simple home remedy, this book will save you the hassle of making a doctor's appointment and visit. Instead, you just have to grab this book, open it up to the page with the appropriate malady, and reference the home remedy for it. Since the book is alphabetical, the process of finding the ailment is painless.

Does It Really Work?

The infomercial for this product states that all of the remedies are time-tested solutions to common ailments, which implies a degree of success in treating said ailments. This does not imply, however, that these remedies will be as effective as other forms of treatment, just an alternative without side effects.


  • Dissuading Visiting A Doctor
  • The infomercial suggests that using the encyclopedia of home remedies can save you the expense of prescription medication. One of the examples given in the infomercial is that onions may be a treatment for ulcers. Ulcers, depending on location and severity can be a very serious condition. Peptic ulceration can lead to gastrointestinal bleeding or perforation, and in these severe circumstances, it would be wise to consider a visit to your doctor. There is no disclaimer in the infomercial, but depending on severity of condition, the costly prescription medication may be a better option.


  • Rodale's Encyclopedia
  • Rodale's encyclopedia of natural home remedies. This book has been around for almost sixty years, and the reviews for it are still generally positive.

How it's Different from Competitors

This encyclopedia of home remedies is written by montel williams, a television personality. People who are familiar with montel may find his book more relatable than other books on home remedies. Montel's Encyclopedia of Home Remedies also has a more modern appearance than other similar books which many people may find appealing.

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