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Hot Designs offers a quick and easy way to create stunning nail art on your fingers and toes. The innovative and easy to use pen design offers an easy way to create all sorts of fun patterns in a range of different colors.


  • Unique Pen Design
  • The unique design allows you to first brush on a coat of your chosen base color as you would with regular nail polish. Next you simply pop the top to reveal a fine tipped nail art pen ready for your creative side to shine.

  • A Selection Of Colors
  • With a collection of 12 fun and fashionable colors you will be able to create an endless number of designs and combinations. Each pen is double sided offering 2 different colors. You can match your nails to what you are wearing, show your school spirit or get into the mood for an upcoming holiday depending on the colors you choose.

  • Exclusive Design Guide
  • The bonus design guide offers inspiration for lots of different designs. Copy the designs that are shown in the book, or take those techniques and let your own creativity flow.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Choose A Base Color
  2. Select one of 12 colors as the base color for your nails.

  3. Paint Your Nails
  4. Paint your nails with the brush just like you would with regular nail polish.

  5. Choose A Design
  6. Pick a design from the guide provided or think up one of your own. If you can do dots and lines you can create a great design.

  7. Pop Open The Top
  8. Pop open the top to reveal the fine pen tip for use in creating your detail work as part of your nail art design.

  9. Let It Dry
  10. Now just leave your design to dry!

Does It Really Work?

The Hot Designs nail art pens do really work. One of the things that is often mentioned in reviews of the product is that the nail polish is very opaque. This means that for most of the colors a single coat of polish is enough for the base coat. It also dries quickly which is great if you are trying to create a design with lots of colors in it. Another of the plus points mentioned frequently is that the pens have especially fine tips making it really easy to create intricate and detailed designs. So in short, the pens do work. They appear to have all of the desirable traits that are looked for in not just nail polish but also in a nail art pen.


There are a couple of really interesting things that are mentioned in the Hot Designs infomercial. The first is that the pens can be used to easily create a French tipped effect in just a few seconds. If you check out the video it shows how to achieve this look without the usual fuss associated with that particular look. Another thing that is pointed out in the infomercial is that the nail art pens are not only for use on your fingernails. These pens can also be used to liven up your pedicure.

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