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Hot Stampz are an easy-to-use hair accessory designed for teenage girls. The glittery stamps come in four different designs in four different colors, and can easily be applied and removed. They look good on all hair lengths and with all hair colors, and won’t damage your hair or permanently alter your color. Even if you touch them, they will remain on your hair all day, until you brush them out.


  1. School Dance
  2. When you’re going to a school dance, you can add a touch of head-turning pizzazz to your ordinary bun, braids, or other hairstyle. Simply decorate your hair with a few ( or even many! ) Hot Stampz before you go.

  3. Performances/competitions
  4. If you’re a gymnast, dancer, or figure skater, or engage in some other type of performance, add a few Hot Stampz to your hair on performance day. This will enhance your look and increase your chances of attracting the judges’ and / or spectators’ attention.

  5. Parties
  6. If you have a sleepover or party with the girls, everyone is sure to have fun experimenting with adding the different colors and designs of Hot Stampz to their hair.

  7. Pictures
  8. You will look especially cute in selfies that you intend to post online once you add one or more peace sign, heart, star or flower stamps to your locks.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Add Stamp
  2. Choose where you want to apply your first stamp, and simply press down on your hair there with the stamp.

  3. Add More If You Choose
  4. Repeat the process as many times as you choose, adding more and more stamps to your hairstyle.

  5. Wear All Day
  6. While you should avoid touching the stamps as much as possible, you can be rest assured that they will remain intact for a whole day, even if you do.

  7. Brush Out
  8. Once you’re done wearing your stamps for the day, simply brush them out with a regular comb or hairbrush.

Positive Points

  • Versatile
  • No matter what hair type or hair color you have, you’ll be able to find a Hot Stampz look that works for you. These stamps look great with buns, braids, long hair worn down, short haircuts, and ponytails. You can even select a certain color of stamp to match your outfit. Your choices include purple peace signs, pink hearts, blue stars, and crystal silver flowers.

  • Can Mix And Match
  • Hot Stampz come in not one color and design, but four, so to create an even more interesting look, you can use two, three, or four on the same day.

  • Attention-grabbing
  • Due to the fact that they come in such beautiful, striking shades, and are glittery, you will attract positive attention whenever you wear them, even at school.

  • Small And Portable
  • The Hot Stampz are small and easy to carry, and they even come with a free, stylish-looking purple carrying case.

  • Come With Hair Chalk
  • When you buy Hot Stampz, you will also get a free set of washable hair chalk, in shades of pink, blue, green and purple. Therefore, you can combine the hair chalk and the stamps to create more snazzy styles.

Negative Points

  • No Equivalent Product For Boys
  • Hot Stampz are designed for teenage girls, and there is no equivalent product for teenage boys available from the company. While many teenage boys don’t like hair accessories, those who engage in artistic activities such as drama and dance may appreciate the opportunity to accessorize with stamps.

  • Not Suitable For Women
  • While Hot Stampz are attractive, they have a very girly, junior look about them. That means women who are older than high school age may look and feel silly if they wear them.

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What Generation is This?

Hannah | Avenal, CA | 30 Dec 2014

This is the 21st century, not the 90's. I saw this commercial and literally thought it was a gigantic joke.

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