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The Hover Ball is a variation on a traditional soccer ball that is safe to play with indoors. It looks like a soccer ball that’s been cut in half, and comes in hot pink, green, and blue varieties. This ball is very soft, so it won’t scratch or otherwise damage your furniture or walls as you play. Unlike a traditional soccer ball, it does not become airborne when kicked.

How It Works

The Hover Ball can function the way it does due to the producing company’s exclusive super slider technology. This technology ensures that when you kick the ball, it slides along the ground as opposed to flying through the air. It also enables the ball to keep sliding and sliding for a long period of time, even as it gently bumps up against walls and pieces of furniture. There is no need for batteries to be used with the Hover Ball, as human power is enough to set it in motion. However, it can be easily stopped with a foot, if needed.


  1. Soccer Game
  2. A group of kids ( or even adults ) can divide into teams and use the Hover Ball to have a real soccer game, either inside or outside the house.

  3. Soccer Drills
  4. Whether you’re alone or in a group, you can use the Hover Ball to do soccer drills and improve your skills. For example, you can set up small traffic cones and practice navigating the ball around them with your feet.

  5. Bowling Game
  6. If you have some plastic bowling pins, you can set them up indoors or outdoors and use the Hover Ball as a bowling ball. You can see how many pins you can knock over on your own, or make this a competition between yourself and others.

Positive Points

  • Slides On Various Surfaces
  • The Hover Ball will float across carpet, tile, and wood flooring, so you can play with it in virtually any room.

  • Good Indoors Or Outdoors
  • While the Hover Ball is unique in that it can be used indoors, you can also use it outdoors on grass as you would a traditional soccer ball.

  • Small
  • Unlike a standard soccer ball, the Hover Ball is small enough to fit in a child’s backpack.

  • Suitable For Youngest Kids
  • Preschool children often cannot safely play with standard soccer balls, as the balls are so big in relation to them that they might get hurt. This is especially a risk if older children kick the balls hard and high. However, the Hover Ball is so soft and little that it is safe for even the youngest children to play with. Plus, since it remains on the ground, there’s no chance that a child will get hit in the face.

  • Makes Good Gift
  • Any child who enjoys soccer will likely be delighted to receive the Hover Ball as a gift on a birthday or on another special occasion. They’ll be happy because having it will enable them to play the game year-round.

Negative Points

  • Could Annoy Parents
  • While parents won’t have to worry about the Hover Ball damaging anything in their home, it might become irritating for a parent to have a soccer game going on in their living room while they’re trying to have a cup of coffee or watch television. If the players are noisy, this may become even more of a bother.

  • Limits Kicking Practice
  • The fact that the Hover Ball stays on the ground makes it safe to play with indoors, and safe for very young children to play with. However, older, more skilled players may become frustrated because they can’t use it to practice rocketing the ball into the air and into the goal.


  • Do Not Throw
  • If used properly, the Hover Ball will not cause even the least bit of damage to players’ bodies or the objects inside or outside the home. However, you must keep in mind that the ball has been designed to be moved along the ground with the feet ( or even pushed with the hands, if you choose ). It is not meant to be picked up and hurled across the room or yard to a teammate, or tossed like a frisbee. If you do either of these things with the Hover Ball, damage may occur as a result.

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Hoverball by Namco

Consumer | Port Coquitlam, BC | 31 Jul 2014

Don't waste you money! It works nothing like they show on TV. It's a small 6.5 in, by about 4 in, high piece of foam on a flat piece of plastic, No air at all and it does NOT hover in the least bit. The info that comes in the box specifically states that it works best on carpets & do not use outdoors, They do not state this on their website. Also, it doesn't work any better on carpets than it does on floors. It's a 30 day money back guarantee but they count on most people keeping it because if you return it they only refund the $9.99. You lose the $5.99 shipping & it's cost you $3 to ship it back.

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Emily01 Aug 2014

Thank you! You just saved me a huge headache!

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