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The streaming tv service hulu launched Hulu Plus, a subscription service that offers paying members a larger catalogue of shows available on more devices than their basic, free service. Hulu Plus removes most of the episode limits you face with the free service. As part of the package, you can stream content to your iphone 4, ipad, playstation 3, xbox 360, and internet-enabled televisions.


  • Current Seasons And Episodes
  • With Hulu Plus, you can watch the current season of your favorite shows. New episodes are updated the day after airing so you don’t have to wait until the entire season is released on dvd. Their library of available shows is massive and encompasses both new and old tv shows.

  • Hulu Original Programming
  • Hulu, like other streaming services, has their own original programming which attracts many viewers. You can watch these shows from the convenience of your tv or mobile device in addition to a computer.


  • Commercials
  • Even though you pay a monthly fee, Hulu Plus still has some commercials and makes you wait until the next day to catch up on new episodes. In some cases, hulu may restrict content based on your cable provider.

  • Compatible Devices Required
  • To take full advantage of Hulu Plus’s many features, you need to have devices that are Hulu Plus compatible. Many new televisions, video game systems and blu-ray players have a Hulu Plus app.


  • 720 Hd
  • While the free version of hulu is only 480 pixels, users who upgrade to Hulu Plus can stream content at 720p - giving you improved visual on any device.

  • Hd Quality On Multiple Devices
  • In addition to their high quality on televisions, Hulu Plus also performs well on iphones and ipads - devices that often struggle with playback through other streaming services. It’s well worth the subscription if you use these devices to stream tv on a regular basis.


Hulu Plus allows viewers to enjoy current seasons of their favorite tv shows the day after they air. You can also watch previous seasons of both current and classic tv shows with smooth playback, with crisp hd resolution on multiple devices.

How It Works

After signing up for the service and paying for the monthly subscription, you can download the Hulu Plus app on your tv, smartphone, or another device. You also have the option of downloading this app through the roku xds. Then, browse through the video content by category or search for your favorite tv shows.

How it's Different from Competitors

Hulu Plus stands out from their competitors with both their selection of tv shows, regular updating of current episodes and hd quality. Additionally, Hulu Plus is easy to use on a variety of devices and can also be streamed through an internet-enabled tv or blu-ray player.


  • Netflix
  • Netflix is has large library of instant streaming content for the same price as Hulu Plus. While many users enjoy netflix’s original programming, netflix does not carry episodes from current television seasons.

  • Redbox
  • Redbox also allows for streaming, and you get four kiosk rentals per month. Their selection is fairly limited, with about one third the movies of netflix and no tv shows.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Have A Hulu Plus Compatible Tv
  2. To take full advantage of Hulu Plus, make sure that you have a television, video game system, or blu-ray player that is Hulu Plus compatible.

  3. Check Video Quality
  4. Hulu Plus automatically selects the video quality best suited for your bandwidth for optimal playback. You can choose manually if unsatisfied with the quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does It Replace Cable Service?
  • No, Hulu Plus gives you a wide range of tv shows - but does not offer news or sports. If these are important to you, - you may still want to keep you cable service.

  • Does It Have Cable Content?
  • Hulu Plus has very little premium cable content, so you won’t have access to most showtime and hbo shows.

  • Can You Still See Free Shows?
  • Yes, you can still use the non-subscription service as desired for free. The draw of Hulu Plus is that it simply gives you more content in more places.


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