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The Hurricane Spin Scrubber is a cordless, rechargable power scrubber that gets to all those dirty, grimy places. It is a unique and ultimate product that has been designed to meet the cleaning needs for people of all ages. It is made for both outdoor and indoor use and has a range of features which make this scrubber simple, safe and sleek in design. The creators who came up with this nifty gadget also created the famous spin mop! It has a flexible, portable design and is made for people of all ages to make cleaning that little bit easier. The spin scrubber is designed for consumers to save both money and time when cleaning.


  • Great For Everone
  • Hurricane Scrubber has an extension arm with the complete kit, making it easy for people with arthritis to clean up. The makers of this amazing product have taken into consideration people who would otherwise find it difficult to clean.

  • Flexible Bristles
  • The spin scrubber is made up of hundreds of bristles which are flexible and mold into corners and cracks that are usually unreachable for cleaning. .

  • Gets The Job Done
  • This unique device is made to make cleaning quicker. The automated spinning brush is designed to clean efficiently and to a higher standard than as if you were cleaning by hand. .

  • 30 Day Back Guarantee
  • The company offer customers a 30 day back guarantee if the product doesn't clean as claimed. This is a great feature because it means that if you aren't happy with it then you can return it and get your money back. .

  • Cordless And Rechargable
  • The spin scrubber is cordless making it easier for you to use and is rechargable. This makes it perfect for using in places where you don't have electric.

  • Essential Items Included
  • When purchasing the Hurricane Spin scrubber it comes with a number of items. You get two free extension arms, two scrubbing brushes, two different sets of scrubbing heads and two mesh storage bags.

Does It Really Work?

Hurricane Spin Scrubber is an electronic scrubber that is rechargeable. All the user needs to do is attach the preferred spinning brush and press a button. The speedy spinning of the brush means the user can clean all surfaces in the kitchen, bathroom and around the home with ease. Some pressure needs to be applied when used the spinning scrubber but not as much as if you were scrubbing manually. The spin scrubber is made to make cleaning easy for people with back problems, knee problems and arthritis because of the attachable extending arm. When the user is finished cleaning the brushes should be rinsed and stored in the mesh bags provided.

Critical Advice

Hurricane Spin Scrubber is sold on TV and on the internet. From looking at customer reviews the spin scrubber isn't a scam. However, from extensive research many customers have stated that it doesn't work 'as seen on TV'. One customer was more than satisfied and claimed that it cleaned a shower unit in a mere thirty seconds. The only negative reviews regarding the Hurricane Spin Scrubber is that the handle is flimsy and will break if used with too much pressure. Overall, it does what it says it does.

Save Money

The official website for purchasing the Hurricane Spin scrubber offers a thirty day money back guarantee. Saying this, consumers won't get back the shipping and handling fee which works out as about twenty-five dollars. If the product does it's job then you can save a lot of money on scrubbing brushes and chemical agents for cleaning. The Hurricane spin scrubber has been proven by many happy consumers that it does save money long-term.

Save Time

The Hurricane Spin Scrubber is designed to save both time and money. Consumers have stated that the overall cleaning time isn't reduced because you have to rinse the brushes out while cleaning and after cleaning. The area you are cleaning also has to be rinsed out afterwards overall reducing the cleaning time by a minimal period.


  • Cleans Places You Can't Get To
  • The Hurricane spin scrubber comes with different sized brushes with flexible bristles meaning it can reach the places you normally wouldn't be able to when cleaning manually.

  • Easy To Store
  • The design is made so that it is easy to store away and is portable. This makes it a must-have in any home and one that can be used away from the home.

  • Easy To Use
  • Technically speaking, the product isn't difficult to use and with one swift movement of attaching a brush and pressing a button, you are ready to clean.

  • Cheap And Cheerful Product
  • The price is one of the aspects that many consumers are raging about. This prices it in the mid-range for powered scrubbing brushes at 40 dollars plus S&H.

9 REVIEWS FOR Hurricane Scrubber

Noel N | Bartlett, IL | 22 Apr 2018

It's crap, I waited for the price to go down. Brought it from walmart. Charged it for 20 hours, we clean once a week, all the bathroom. It only holds charge for 30 minutes or less not an hour like advertised. It's more like a duster then a scrubber. Noting beats manual laber save your money am returning this junk.

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I Will Recommend to All, Love It!!

Johna | North Salt Lake, UT | 08 Oct 2017

Best product ever, finally so ya not breaking your back cleaning tub & walls. First, No pressure is needed when using. Cause the brush heads go at good speed & faster & more thorough than hand & rag. If people are putting pressure so extension rod snaps which also your putting pressure on scrub heads. There is no need for either. I also used smaller brush on cleaning hub caps on truck tires, awesome. I recommend to all & probably will get some this for X-mas. I love it just wish came out years ago. People saying issues with charging & not holding charge, guess manufacter error, return for corrected issue.

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Huriencane Scrubber

Pmeadows | Wilmington, IL | 16 Sep 2017

Does not work for me! Do not recommend it!

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Katie | Roosevelt, UT | 24 May 2017

Used it twice and now it won't charge.

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Judy D | Kirby, TX | 14 May 2017

Love the product but it won't hold a charge after one month of use!

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Ed Hendricks | Uhrichsville, OH | 22 Jan 2017

What a piece of garbage. It took well over 20 hours to charge. Then, a two year old with a scrub pad has more force than this Hurricane Scrubber. Save your money.

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Spin Garbage

Steve P | Willows, CA | 20 Dec 2016

Save your money. If you are one of those who Just have to have it, then go to Bed, Bath and Beyond. So when you return it you'll get a full refund and not get soaked for the non refundable shipping fees. Plus, who wants two pieces of garbage in their home. Beware of Television Sales that Make Bold Claims. The other reviewer is correct. It is cheaply made, will cracked if too much pressure is applied to the extension arm and the charge doesn't last very long at all.

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Janet Weber | Stone Park, IL | 14 Dec 2016

Not very happy abut spin scubber I charged it for 20 hours the charge only lasted 10 minutes it didnt clean like it said and not much power can I send it back and get my charge card refunded.

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Junk >>>save Your Money

Da | Lawrenceburg, TN | 26 Nov 2016

I bought this Hurricane spin scrubber in a store. Got it home and charged it up 20 hours. I used in on a sink to clean, It is poorly made. Cheap plastic barely connects. You use a little pressure and it stops running. I'm happy I didn't buy it on line and get suckered for two of them and extra brushes. I immediately return this piece of junk and got my money back. Save your money. My seven year old can clean better then this machine.

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