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Hurricane Spin Mop is a mop and bucket system. The mop has a rotating head to maximize the cleaning potential in more difficult to reach areas, and the bucket comes equipped with a high speed rotary wringing device. This bucket uses centrifugal force to wring out the mop head for a more effective clean.


  • Swivel Mop Head
  • Hurricane Spin Mop comes equipped with a spinning mop head to allow it to clean more effectively in harder to reach areas like behind toilets and corners.

  • Super Absorbant
  • The fibers of the hurrican spin mop allow the mop head to pick up over ten times its own weight in liquid without dripping.

  • Spinning Drain System
  • The main attractive feature of the Hurricane Spin Mop system is the spinning wringing system on the bucket. Using a foot pedal at the base of the bucket causes a slotted circular component of the bucket to spin. Placing the wet mop head in the component and spinning it allows centrifugal force to drain the mop head of the excess liquid. This means that no wringing the mop head by hand or having a bulky ineffective mop press is needed, you just place the mop, and spin the dirty water away.

  • Picks Up Dirt And Dust
  • The fibers of the Hurricane Spin Mop combined with the rotating head allow the mop to pick up dirt and dust with ease, indicating that sweeping is not essential.


  • Easy Wringing
  • Hurricane Spin Mop comes with a unique bucket. The spinning action of the slotted compartment of the bucket to allow centrifugal force to wring out the mop for you is an impressive idea and feature. This feature combined with the spinning head of the mop allow for an easy mopping experience. It lets you wring out the mop head more effectively, while also allowing you to pick up more dirt and clean more effectively.

  • Works On Any Hard Surface
  • Hurricane Spin Mop works on any hard surface. The infomercial suggests that it works well on wood, tile, laminate, and more.

  • Dirt Grabbing Fibers
  • The head of the spin mop allows it to effectively pick up dirt and dust while mopping, which makes cleaning floors much easier.

Save Time

Hurricane Spin Mop makes cleaning your hard floors a much faster process in a multitude of ways. First off, the fibers of the head pick up dirt and dust for you, so sweeping first is less essential. Secondly, the rotating mop head allows for more thorough cleaning of tight spaces like corners and behind a toilet. Since standard mops may miss these areas, or clean ineffectively, you may have to go back over them with a sponge, but the spin mop is more effective. Lastly, the spinning action of the bucket allows for more dirt to be picked up and trapped by the mop head after each wringing compared to a standard mop. This means that there is less dirty water being pushed around on the floor, allowing for a faster, more effective clean than traditional methods.

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Bob | Covington, TN | 23 May 2017

This my second spin mop and both of them had the same problem with the bucket not spiinning after a couple of months and they can be fix.

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