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Identigene is the only paternity test that is endorsed by american pharmacists. The product is available at in excess of 20,000 drug stores across the country. Users can expect results which are 100% accurate within 2 or 3 days. All results are available online. A new york kit is also available which is actually admissible in court under new york state department of health guidelines. Court admissible tests can be used in a variety of different situations including custody battles, divorce settlements, child support hearing sand even in the immigration process to obtain a visa.

How It Works

All you need to do is pick up a collection kit at your local drug store where you will find it in the family planning or home diagnostics aisle. There are 20,000 stockists nationwide who carry the Identigene kit. Once purchased you simply collect a cheek swab from both the father and the child and send them off to the Identigene paternity lab. Results are usually returned within 2 days of your sample's arrival in the lab.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Purchase The Kit
  2. Purchase your Identigene kit and familiarise yourself with the contents which will include cheek swabs, sample envelopes, prepaid return and an order form.

  3. Complete The Forms
  4. It is important to complete the order forms included which detail your personal information and payment method. You will also choose a password to access your results. The sample envelopes ( one per person ) also have to be completed. Each person should sign their consent, with under 18s getting a guardian's consent.

  5. Collect Dna Samples
  6. Use the cheek swabs to collect a dna sample from each person. There is one pack of 3 swabs for each person all of which should be used. The swab must be swabbed around the cheek and gums for 20 seconds. All 3 swabs are to be sealed inside the sample envelope for that particular person.

  7. Mail Your Samples
  8. Once completed, mail all of the samples back to Identigene in the prepaid envelope and await your results in approximately 2 or 3 days.

Critical Advice

The Identigene paternity test is actually court admissible and can be used in custody hearings, divorced, child support cases and for immigration. Identigene processes hundreds of court admissible tests each day. If you are wondering what the difference is between a court admissible dna test and a regular one then the only clear difference is in how the samples are collected. Usually you collect your own samples using the swabs provided. However, for a court admissible test the swabs are collected by one of Identigene's technicians.


  • Fast & Easy
  • Collecting the swabs for your dna test is very easy and takes just a few minutes to complete.

  • Affordable
  • The Identigene paternity test is very affordable and will cost just a fraction of what you can expect to pay in most labs who are offering dna testing.

  • Accurate Results
  • Identigene can offer 100% accurate results every time.

  • Court Admissible Evidence
  • For court admissible dna evidence have an Identigene technician come and collect your samples for you.

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