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Illumask is an anti-acne light therapy mask that uses advanced skincare technology to reduce the appearance of acne and prevent future break outs. This product works by using two different types of lights that are both safe and gentle on your skin. It is so easy to use that everyone can do it - whether you are young or old. Just slip it over your face, press a button, sit back and relax - it does all of the work for you.


  • No Uv Lights
  • Although Illumask uses light therapy to treat acne, these are not UV lights. This makes the product safe to use on your skin because it will not damage your pores and skin cells.

  • No Chemicals
  • Unlike many facial cleansers, this product does not contain any harsh chemicals making it gentle on your skin.

  • No Side Effects
  • Illumask does not produce any negative side effects.

How It Works

The secret behind Illumask is the advanced skincare technology which uses two different types of lights to clear the appearance of your skin. First, a gentle blue light works to kill acne causing bacteria - completely removing it from the skin. Then a soft red light works to reduce redness and inflammation caused by acne. The red light also works to increase the healing process - giving you faster and more effective results.

Easy to Use

  1. Wash Your Fash
  2. The first step to using your Illumask is to wash your face. If your face is washed and cleansed the lights have better access to the acne causing bacteria.

  3. Put It On
  4. The next step is to put Illumask on your face. This is easy to do because it has ear branches that are similar to those on glasses. All you have to do is slip the mask on like a pair of glasses.

  5. Turn It On
  6. Turn Illumask on, you do not have to adjust any settings. All you have to do is press the on button.

  7. Sit Back
  8. Just sit back and relax until the session is over. When your treatment session is finished the product will automatically shut off.


  • Eye Cutouts
  • Illumask features eye cutouts. This lets you watch TV, use your laptop or even read while you are using the product.

  • Everyone Can Use It
  • Everyone can use Illumask. This product works on all skin tones and skin types.

  • Good For 30 Uses
  • Illumask is good for 30 treatment sessions. This should last you for one month as it is suggested to use the product once per day.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Long Is Each Session?
  • Each treatment session lasts for 15 minutes.

  • Can You Buy More Treatments?
  • Currently, Illumask does not offer the opportunity to buy more than 30 treatments. Once you use your 30 treatments you have to purchase a new mask. However, the company is working to develop a way for customers to purchase extra treatment sessions without the purchase of a new mask.

  • Can You Use It With Products?
  • Yes, you can use Illumask with other skincare products. Simply add this product to your skin care regime.

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