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Insta Lift is a biodegradable, water-based cleaning product that will remove virtually all stains from almost any surface, while preserving the surface’s finish. For instance, it will remove substances such as graffiti, rust, and permanent marker from cement, metal, painted wood, or even fabrics such as silk and suede. The product comes in an easy-to-use spray bottle, and for most stains, you’ll only need a few sprays to eliminate them.

How It Works

Insta Lift’s environmentally friendly formula, which contains no potentially harmful organic compounds, breaks down the molecular bond between a stain and the surface that it has stained. Once the bond is broken down, the stain disappears but the surface’s original finish stays. Therefore, your surface will look as good as new. For the toughest stains, such as graffiti on brick, a power washer may be required to assist the product with its job.


  1. Vehicles
  2. Insta Lift will remove substances such as grease, brake dust, and oil, plus rust stains, from cars, trucks, motorcycles and other motorized vehicles. It also works on non-motorized vehicles such as bikes.

  3. Outside Of House
  4. Insta Lift works on wood and painted siding, plus most stucco and brick surfaces. Therefore, it can remove stains like those made by graffiti and rust from the outside of the house, including the garage door.

  5. Furniture
  6. The product works on almost all furniture, whether indoors or outdoors. For example, it will remove hair dye and lipstick from bathroom cabinets, and sticky candy or gum residue from kitchen counters. It will also remove paint from kids' craft tables and pen ink from desks, plus much more.

  7. Flooring
  8. Insta Lift works on virtually all kinds of flooring, including tile, wood, marble, cement, and carpet. You can even use it to remove stains from the garage floor, besides using it on the flooring in your house.

  9. Clothing
  10. If you get gum, makeup, sticky food, or anything else sticky on your clothes, Insta Lift is able to remove it.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Spray
  2. Spray the area you wish to clean with Insta Lift, and let it sit for one to three minutes.

  3. Wipe
  4. Use a dry cloth or the company's easy lifter pads to wipe the Insta Lift away.

  5. Repeat, If Needed
  6. If your stain still isn't gone after you wipe, you may need to repeat the first and second steps several times.

  7. Remove Residue
  8. If there is any Insta Lift residue left over after you complete the cleaning process, wet a clean, dry cloth in order to remove it. An exception occurs when you're using the product to remove a substance or substances from clothing. Instead of wiping the clothing with another cloth to remove residue, just wash your clothes normally.

Positive Points

  • No Unpleasant Odor
  • When used, Insta Lift does not have a strong and / or irritating smell.

  • Water Soluble
  • Insta Lift easily dissolves in water, so you can use water to effectively remove any residue from a surface. If you get any Insta Lift on your hands or other body parts, this solubility means that you can easily wash it off yourself, too.

Save Money

If you use Insta Lift to clean stains off things, you will save a lot of money you would otherwise spend on replacement products. This is due to the fact that Insta Lift normally removes all traces of a stain, and makes the surface of every household item look new again.

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