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InstaBasket is a nifty invention that helps women and men all around the world with carrying shopping, laundry, storing items and organization. It is an economical alternative to shopping bags, plastic bags and cardboard boxes. It has been designed for durability and has a simple, clean design which can hold up to three times the weight that a normal canvas or shopping bag could. The basket is a rectangular shape that can be folded up and down in quick swift movements to make for easy use. Unlike other bags and baskets it is made to stand upright so no more spillages and it is made from a sturdy fabric which prevents splits and rips.


  • Collapses Flat
  • The product collapses flat and is easy and convenient to store anywhere at home or in the car.

  • Fits Into Shopping Baskets
  • It is the perfect size to fit into shopping trolleys and from there can be easily transferred to your car and then inside to your home.

  • Holds More
  • The InstaBasket can hold up to six gallons of milk without ripping and has been tested and proved to carry more weight than any other box, bag or basket.

  • Great For Everything
  • The InstaBasket is an innovation in the making. It is great for using in the car for day trips, a day out at the beach, shopping needs, lugging the laundry about, storage purposes around the home and even for moving home.

Positive Points

  • Simple Design
  • The simple design means it fits around the home and into any corner. Black and green color make it stand out and give it a classical style.

  • Spacious And Durable
  • The InstaBasket is spacious and can fit a whole lot into one space, it holds at least what two full carrier bags could take. It is also durable and is made from a sturdy fabric meaning you don't need to worry about rips or splits.

  • Rigid Frame
  • The rigid frame built into the basket means it won't topple over when placed into the boot of your car. Moreover, it is made to stay upright even if the weight isn't evenly placed in the basket.

  • Reinforced Stitching
  • The reinforced stitching which was applied by designers gives the consumer the guarantee that the handles won't split when carrying heavy loads.

Negative Points

  • No Lid Or Zip
  • One thing that a lot of consumers don't like is there is no way to close the top of the basket. A lot of customers said that they used the product when on day trips and would like to see a future version that is more like a bag so it can be closed.

  • No Inside Pockets
  • Another thing that the InstaBasket is missing is inside or outside pockets. This would be a great plus to have on it and could make the basket more diverse.

  • Only One Color
  • Although the design is simple and snazzy a lot of customer reviews said they would prefer if the basket came in a choice of colors or fabric patterns. InstaBasket haven't confirmed on any future projects to come though.

  • Heavy To Carry
  • If you want to get from the shop to the car and then into your home in one trip then the product could be heavy if you fill it up to the brim. When you have someone strong at hand, this is great, if not you might still need to do two or three trips!

How It Works

The product is based on the spring frame technology which allows it to collapse with ease and to stay upright when in use. This innovating design also means it will stay open no matter how much you have in the basket. With one quick flick it goes from a folding position to an upright position and vice versa. When it is folded it is a rectangular flat square that can be easily stored into any small or large space.


  • Grab Bag
  • The Grab bag was released in 2014 and was originally a TV product. It has similar features to the InstaBasket but is made from recycled material and has a more bulky design. Although a cheaper option it doesn't have as many top reviews as the product in question here.

  • Earthwise Deluxe
  • Earthwise deluxe collapsible bags with reinforced bottoms are on the cheap end of the price market and have some funky designs to choose from. On Amazon you can buy them in a set of two but don't have the reinforced stitching and sturdy material like the InstaBasket does.

  • Roll N' Snap Bags
  • Roll n' Snap bags roll up rather than fold away. They are cheaper than the basket type bags and are only an alternative to plastic carrier bags. These bags are made from a plastic material and many users have said they split easy.

  • Baggu Shopping Bags
  • Baggu have designed shopping bags that go with every outfit. They are cheap, cheerful, easy to store away, and also, lightweight and durable at the same time.

Save Money

The product is made for users so that they can save money. Today you have to pay for grocery and carrier bags when going shopping and when they split you buy more. In the long run the InstaBasket will save you tons of money because you can use it over and over again. With it's diverse uses it can also be a laundry basket or a toy box saving you even more money.

Save Time

The product was designed not only to save money but to save time too. When you are shopping you can simply place the items in the basket which fits in your trolley and then swiftly into your car and then into your home. Rather than going back and forth carrying several carrier bags at a time this will save you many trips back and forth, saving on time. If you are doing the laundry then transfer all your laundry from one place to another with one simple basket – The InstaBasket!

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No Customer Service

Joyce Senanian | Jupiter, FL | 12 Apr 2017

Otdered 4 months ago and called 6 times no one helps or delivers. Just dtesl your miney.

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