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Instagone Pro is a cleaner that will eliminate virtually any stain from any surface in just seconds, without any extra work from you. It is an upgrade to the original instagone, which was created 15 years ago and has satisfied four million customers. The pro product contains an even stronger fast-acting stain removal formula than its predecessor, and also comes in a convenient spray bottle.

How It Works

Once it hits a stained surface, Instagone Pro gets to work immediately. The powerful formula penetrates deeply into the tiniest crevices in order to break up and remove any stain. Fortunately, it will not damage the finish of the surface at the same time.


  1. Bathroom Grout And Tiles
  2. Scrubbing bathroom grout or tiles clean is one of the most difficult household jobs, but Instagone Pro will remove all the stains from these areas without any scrubbing required.

  3. Stained Ceiling Tiles
  4. Ceiling tiles often experience water stains coming through from a bathroom or sink above, and Instagone Pro will make short work of removing these stains.

  5. Patio Furniture
  6. All you need to do is spray your patio furniture with Instagone Pro, and any dirt, molds and mildews will instantly begin to disappear.

  7. Stucco And Vinyl Siding
  8. Mold and mildew often gather on the siding of homes, and rust stains also tend to appear here. Luckily, Instagone Pro will effectively clean both stucco and vinyl siding.

  9. Textured Ceilings
  10. Scrubbing a textured ceiling such as a popcorn ceiling will likely ruin it. However, when you spray one of these ceilings with Instagone Pro, you won't need to scrub it to get it clean.

  11. Painted Drywall
  12. Instagone Pro will remove any stain from painted drywall without also removing the paint.

  13. Trim
  14. Trim around the edges of walls often ends up being scuffed by shoes, but Instagone Pro will obliterate these stains.

  15. Weathered Decks
  16. You can breathe new life into a weathered backyard deck by spraying it with Instagone Pro and instantly getting rid of any grime.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Spray
  2. Point your bottle of Instagone Pro at the object that you want to spray, and deliver one to several squirts.

  3. Sit Back
  4. Sit back and watch while the Instagone Pro removes the stain from the object in question all on its own.

Positive Points

  • Hands Free
  • When you use other cleaners, you may have to scrub and scrub with a cloth in order to get them to work effectively. However, after you spray Instagone Pro on a surface, you literally don't have to move after that, as the product will do all the work for you. Since it comes in a spray bottle, you won't even run the risk of getting any of the substance on your hands as you spray.

  • Good Company Track Record
  • While Instagone Pro is new, the original instagone has been greatly appreciated by customers. Instagone Pro is similar, so it is not a stretch to expect that it will work well, too.

Negative Points

  • Difficult For Large Surfaces
  • It may be difficult to use Instagone Pro on very large surfaces. Cleaning a very large surface may require a great deal of sprays, and you may find that your bottle of solution is gone quite quickly.


  • Keep Away From Kids
  • If you have any kids in your household, they might think it's fun to play with the spray bottle that this product comes in. You must keep them away from it, though, as the ingredients could prove harmful if ingested.

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