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Instyler is an innovative hair straightening and styling tool. It comes with a rotating heated polishing cylinder and two sets of precision-aligned bristles that gently and effectively styles your hair. InStyler straightens, curls and polishes your hair.


  • Comes In Two Barrel Sizes
  • The original 1 ¼" barrel for a straight or curly hair with volume and shine; the smaller ¾" barrel for tighter curls and bangs.

  • Heated Rotating Barrel
  • Conveniently rotates to easily curl, straighten and polish hair.

  • Various Heat Settings
  • Suits different hair types.

  • 410° F / 210° C Ceramic Heat
  • Achieves salon quality results.

  • Curved Ceramic Floating Plate
  • Lessens frizz and damage caused by crushing or flattening hair.

  • Two Sets Of Bristles
  • The first row aligns and separates hair, while the second row polishes hair and adds volume.


The InStyler’s infomercial shows how it transforms different types of hair into attractive hair styles. A big, frizzy, curly and unmanageable hair is tamed by putting the InStyler barrel underneath a portion of hair, and pulling it through. The result is a sleek, shiny and beautiful hair. A thin, limp hair is also brought to life by adding lift, volume and style. It guarantees to transform the toughest hair into a glamorous Hollywood hair. All transformations can be achieved in just a few minutes. InStyler is a versatile styling tool that can change your look into a number of other hair styles in less than ten minutes. A featured hair stylist expresses his amazement at how a single piece of hair styling tool can perform three different functions. He explains how the hair remains cool to the touch with the InStyler, while traditional heated styling tools make your hair retain more heat, therefore causing great damage.

How It Works

InStyler's secret is in its four accurately aligned bristles and its rotating heated polishing cylinder. As the hot rotating cylinder runs through your hair, the strands are separated by the first set of bristles. The rotating cylinder then glides over your hair and gently straightens, styles and polishes every strand. Finally, the second set of bristles makes the finishing touch by leaving your hair silky and shiny.

Positive Aspects

  • More Attractive Hair
  • Gives your hair more shine, bounce, fullness and life.

  • Styles Hair In Seconds
  • Allows you to straighten, curl or achieve a sexy flip within seconds.

  • Changes Hairstyle In Minutes
  • Enables you to pull off a totally different hairstyle in two minutes.

  • Long Lasting Curls
  • Makes you enjoy incredible curls that last throughout the day.

  • Smoothens Hair Gently
  • Makes your hair appear shiny and healthy.

Save Money

InStyler has multiple styling functions. It's a brush, flat iron and curling iron in one. So, there is no need to buy many hair styling tools. It also requires less heat and effectively curls, straightens, and styles your hair in a very short time, thus saving energy.

How it's Different from Competitors

Unlike other intensely hot hair styling tools, InStyler has a patented design that prevents it from smashing and baking your hair. InStyler uses less heat without sacrificing results. It achieves this by combining gentle heat with the cylinder's rotating motion, which polishes each strand of hair without the need for excessive heat.


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