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Invinceable is a powerful stain remover that will remove virtually any type of stain from any hard surface or soft fabric. It comes in a spray bottle and goes on clear. With just a few sprays, it’ll blast away stains, making surfaces look like they were never stained at all. Once it’s applied, you won’t even have to do any scrubbing, as it’ll do all the work on its own.

How It Works

Invinceable contains millions of oxygen bubbles which go to work on any particular stain, penetrating into it deeply and therefore obliterating it quickly.


  1. House Siding
  2. Stucco siding is hard to clean dirt off of, due to its texture, but Invinceable will effectively do the job. It will also clean stains, including rust stains, off of vinyl siding.

  3. Patio Furniture
  4. After it's been in use for many months or years without a thorough cleaning, patio furniture is often covered in filth. Luckily, Invinceable is able to destroy any dirt on your outdoor tables and chairs in minutes.

  5. Dirty Lampshades
  6. Invinceable will almost instantly remove any dust and dirt from your indoor lampshades.

  7. Ceiling Spots
  8. If your ceiling tiles are covered in dust, dirt, or water spots, just aim Invinceable at them and any unwanted filth will be removed.

  9. Indoor Furniture
  10. Invinceable will remove virtually any stain from your couches, tables, chairs, mattresses, and the like, including normally hard-to-remove red wine stains.

  11. Pet-stained Carpets
  12. If your pets go to the bathroom on the carpet frequently, you can use Invinceable to clean up these messes.

  13. Clothing
  14. If you or a family member spills food on a favorite shirt or pants during mealtime, you can get any resulting food stain out with Invinceable. Of course, the product will remove any other stains from clothing, too.

  15. Bathroom Tile
  16. Invinceable will effectively remove any grimy dirt buildup on bathroom tiles, including those in the shower or bathtub.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Spray
  2. Deliver one to several sprays of Invinceable to the surface you want to clean, depending on its size and how dirty it is.

  3. Relax
  4. Simply watch as the stain( s ) begins to disappear, as scrubbing is not required. However, if you want to speed up the stain removal process, you can rub the solution around a bit with your hand.

Positive Points

  • No Harsh Chemicals Or Bleach
  • Invinceable contains no bleach or harsh chemicals, so you can be rest assured that it won't cause damage to indoor furniture, carpets, or clothing when you use it on them. The absence of these ingredients also makes the product more environmentally friendly.

  • Comes With Special Bottle
  • Each order of Invinceable comes with a spray bottle that can be sprayed at any angle, even upside down. This is due to the fact that the tube attached to the sprayer has a weighted tip at the bottom, which makes it follow the liquid in any direction. That way, absolutely every last drop of the liquid will be used up, with none going to waste.


In the infomercial, a man's white shirt is covered with a beet stain, iodine, and spaghetti sauce, but a few sprays of Invinceable removes all these stains quickly. Afterward, the shirt looks completely white again.

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