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The Jack LaLanne Fusion Juicer is an electronic juicer that offers optimal juice and nutrient extraction. This product is celebrating its 100th year anniversary and is brought to you by no one other than fitness guru Jack Lalanne. With a retro design and an 800 watt motor this juicer will help you get over your junk food addictions leading to nothing but health benefits. Offering various motor speeds and the ability to juice both hard and soft fruits or vegetables this product will answer all of your juicing needs.


  • Increased Energy
  • The Jack LaLanne Fusion Juicer gives you increased amounts of energy simply by drinking juice. Since this product extracts nutritions, all of that nutrition will easily be consumed to provide energy right away.

  • Weight Loss
  • The Fusion Juicer also helps encourage weight loss by giving you drinks that are packed with nutrition, low in calories and offer a great alternative to other juices on the market. By using this juicer you will drink juices that are all natural with a lower calorie count.

  • Lower Cholesterol
  • By consuming all natural juices you are lowering your sugar intake which will lower your cholesterol levels.


  • Extra Large Chute
  • The extra large chute is extremely convenient. It lets you drop full sized fruits and vegetables down the chute without having to worry about peeling, cutting or chopping.

  • Stainless Steel Blade
  • The stainless steel blade is designed to juice both hard and soft fruits and vegetables in a matter of seconds. An even better advantage is that it will not dull.

  • Two Speeds
  • A two speed motor ensures that you can juice just about anything. Use the slower speed on soft fruits and vegetables such as bananas. The fast speed is ideal for tough fruits and vegetables that are hard such as carrots.

  • Non-drip Spout
  • A non-drip spout makes pouring your juice and avoiding messes easy. When you are juicing flip the spout so it is pointing down, this way the juice can flow into your cup. If you do not want the liquid to seep out just turn the spout so it is facing upwards - this ensures nothing will spill.

  • Serving Pitcher
  • Every order also comes with a matching serving pitcher that has a spout and a lid. This allows for easy storage and pouring.

  • Juicing Guide
  • Every order also comes with a juicing guide. This guide features over 100 recipes for weight loss, cleansing, immunity health, energy and inflammation.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Plug It In
  2. The first step to using your Fusion Juicer is to plug it in.

  3. Drop Fruits And Vegetables
  4. Once you have decided which fruits and vegetables you are going to use you can drop them down the extra large chute.

  5. Choose Speed
  6. Choose the speed you want to use to juice your fruits or vegetables.

  7. Juice
  8. Push the fruits and vegetables down the chute using the guide.

  9. Pour
  10. Turn the spout so it is facing downwards and let the juice flow into the serving pitcher. When you are finished turn the spout upwards to prevent unwanted spills.

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