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JAnimals are stuffed animals that unroll and transform into wearable pajamas.


  • Multi-functional
  • The JAnimal is a stuffed animal when you want, and wearable pajamas other times. This provides two functions in one product. Also, it makes the pajamas very transportable.

  • Variety
  • JAnimals are available in 5 styles: cat, dog, zebra, giraffe, and unicorn, so you can get exactly the animal that you want.

  • Range Of Sizing
  • Janimals are available in three sizes: small ( 3'0"-3'6" ), medium (3'6"-5'0"), and large (5'0"-5'5").

  • Unique
  • There isn't anything else quite like JAnimals, so this provides you with a special opportunity.


The infomercial looks to grab consumers of all ages by frequently depicting an entire family wearing JAnimals. Along those lines, it is targeted even more at teenagers than small children who might be assumed to enjoy the product more. Overall, JAnimals doesn't seem to take itself too seriously, instead hoping to capitalize on the same market that Snuggies have succeeded so well in. JAnimals asserts that the wearable stuffed animal is appropriate both for night and day, in fact, all the time and showcases actors wearing it during a number of regular activities.

How it's Different from Competitors

Although many novelty footsie pajamas and products along the lines of the Snuggie are out there, JAnimals is the only product that transforms from a stuffed animal into pajamas. This could potentially make a fantastic white elephant / gag gift or conversation piece. Silly pajamas and things along those lines have become increasingly more prevalent in pop culture, paving the way for JAnimals.


  • Quick Transformation
  • The commercial features brief demonstrations on the mechanism that holds the pajamas inside the stuffed animal. It appear to be a velcro attachment on a flap at the base of the plush head that holds in the bulk of the pajama. This creates a whimsical-looking spherical-shaped animal when the pajamas are folded. It also means that the transformation is easy to accomplish.

Easy to Use

  1. Folding And Unfolding
  2. Since the whole assembly is a quick-attach system similar to velcro, folding the whole of the pajama into the stuffed animal is quick and easy. When you want to transform it back into pajamas, it's as easy as undoing the flap, and it folds out.

Save Money

JAnimals are comparable in price to other one-piece pajamas, but JAnimals also functions as a stuffed animal. If you were planning on buying both a one-piece pajama as well as a stuffed animal, this could easily be a cost saving endeavor.


  • Limited Use
  • Despite the commercial suggesting the JAnimals can be worn anywhere, the practicality of wearing it outside of the house, particularly for the adult market, is limited.


  • Limited Selection
  • For consumers interested in animals outside of the range of the five options provided, there is no solution. People who are interested in owning a monkey themed JAnimals will not be able to purchase one.

  • Limited Sizing
  • The largest JAnimals only fits consumers up to five and a half feet tall ( 66" ) which means that there is no size large enough to fit the average American man. Since average male height in the United States is 5'10" (or 70") the average family could not all dress in JAnimals like the commercial idicates.


Awful Company

Carol Verhey | Summit, NJ | 09 Jan 2015

I'd love to review the product, but have still not received it even after paying for 2 day rush delivery. Hoped to have them for my granddaughter's Christmas presents, but have still not received them. Their "customer service" department is a joke. Fortunately, I paid with amex and have disputed the charge. I will never order from them again and hope these reviews will keep others from doing so as well. What a scam!

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Bloody Packaging!

Christina | Woburn, MA | 25 Dec 2014

My child received this gift for Christmas and I was absolutely horrified to find blood in the inside packaging almost as if someone had sliced their finger during packaging! Buyer beware when it comes to these type of products. I am awaiting a response from the company as to what could have happened during packaging.

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Price and Shipping Ridiculous !!!

Elaine Crane | Hutchinson, MN | 25 Dec 2014

Still waiting on my order that was placed 12-16-2014. Hasn't arrived. Paid 9.99 regular shipping plus 24.99 rush shipping to get for Christmas. I received no shipping confirmation or tracking number. You also can't call them because they don't answer the phone. If you email them the response is thank you. Nothing else. What a scam!

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Their Pricing and Shipping is a Con

Valarie Kelly | Boonville, MO | 16 Dec 2014

You don't get to review your order before it is completed and they add on a ridiculous amount of extra shipping. Also you cannot cancel your order until the next day.

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