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Juggle Bubbles are bubbles that do not pop. They last much longer than traditional bubbles, thanks to the no-pop formula and special gloves. You can use Juggle Bubbles in a variety of ways, including playing catch and juggling. Simply use the mega bubble blower to create the bubbles, and then use the included gloves to play without popping the bubbles. This kind of play can create hours of entertainment for small children - even adults find the bubbles fun.


  • Outlast Real Bubbles
  • The bubbles are designed to prevent popping and can be played with much longer than traditional bubbles. This allows you to play with the bubbles in ways that you could never play with the regular version.


  • They Still Pop
  • Some people have difficulty getting the bubbles to work without popping. There seems to be some finesse involved in getting Juggle Bubbles to work. You have to blow them up slowly and handle them with care to keep them from popping. While you can handle them with the gloves, you still have to be careful.

  • Gloves Are Needed
  • You have to have the gloves to get Juggle Bubbles to work. That means you need to have a set of gloves for everyone playing with them. This requires you to order extra sets if you have more than two people who want to play.


  • Comes With Everything You Need
  • Juggle Bubbles provide hours of fun for active kids. They do not pop when you touch them and you can play catch, juggle, or just pass them around. Juggle Bubbles comes with everything you need. The no-pop bubble formula, gloves, wands and idea book are all included in your order.

How It Works

Juggle Bubbles use a special no-pop bubble formula and gloves that prevent the bubbles from popping. You use the mega wand to blow the size of bubble that you want, and then use the gloves to play catch, juggle, or balance the bubbles. There is an idea book included with more activity ideas.

How it's Different from Competitors

Juggle Bubbles are different because you can touch them without popping them. Clearly, you cannot touch traditional bubbles. Juggle Bubbles allow for much more interaction and play than traditional bubbles because of their dynamic construction. You can do more with them than just blow bubbles and watch them land and pop. This product encourages active play and hand eye coordination.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Be Gentle
  2. It is best to be gentle with Juggle Bubbles. Blow them up slowly. Be gentle when you touch Juggle Bubbles - even if you are wearing the gloves.

  3. Don't Lose Anything
  4. Keep track of the equipment that comes with Juggle Bubbles. Everything is included, so you should not need to buy anything ( unless you need those extra gloves for other players ). Juggle Bubbles work best with the mega wands included in the pack, and of course - you need the gloves at all times. These bubbles will pop if you touch them with your bare skin. Keep this in mind as you are maneuvering and steering the bubbles during playtime.

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