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Kahuna Grip is a revolutionary bath mat that will ensure you never slip in your tub. It was originally invented so that surfers do not slip off of their surfboards. Now, that innovative technology is available to the public via Kahuna Grip. The microscopic fibers on this mat ensure that your feet stay in place, but feel comfortable at the same time.


  • Does Not Discolor
  • Unlike regular bath mats, Kahuna Grip never grows mildew or discolors. This is due to its anti-bacterial nature, which allows it to stay the same color even a year from your purchase. Such a bath mat is rare, as anyone who has ever looked at the bottom of their mat after a year will tell you.

  • Non-abrasive
  • While this mat is durable enough to keep you from falling in your tub and keep surfers on their boards – it is not an abrasive mat. Gentle on the feet, its surface acts like tiny suction cups that hold the feet in place without feeling rough to the skin. Since the texture is pleasant, you will soon forget it was originally meant to keep surfers balanced on their boards as ocean waves come crashing down on them.


  • Only One Color
  • If you are looking for variety in your bath mat colors, you won’t find it with Kahuna Grip. This bath mat only comes in clear. Thus, it means this mat will be translucent on your tub floor. In essence, if you are looking to spruce up your tub floor’s appearance, you will need to do it another way if you use Kahuna Grip.

  • Generic Size
  • If you have a tub that is larger than average, you might need two Kahuna Grip mats. This product only comes in one size. Thus, these mats are not varied in sizes or colors.


  • Hydrahold Material
  • The secret behind this mat is in its hydrahold material. This texture creates a sturdy surface for you even when first entering your tub as the water runs – a time when the tub is most slippery.

  • Resists Mold
  • You never have to worry that your Kahuna Grip will grow mold and become toxic to your health. This mat is resistant to all mold and mildew growth, making it a safe, secure and durable mat that will last a long time.


Bath mats are not always what they are cracked up to be. Many people find this out the hard way by slipping in their tubs on too many times. Luckily, there’s Kahuna Grip. This revolutionary mat is a non-abrasive product that is resist to bacteria – yet gentle to the touch. You will fall in love with how comfortable this mat is to step on. Additionally, you will love the fact that it doesn’t stain! How you receive your Kahuna Grip is how it will look a year from now.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Clean Tub First
  2. Before permanently placing your Kahuna Grip on the tub floor, make sure the tub is clean first. This will help ensure it sticks well to the tub.

  3. Check Tub Dimensions
  4. Kahuna Grip is 14 inches by 27”. Make sure that your tub is the right size for this mat before investing in it.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What About Stickiness?
  • When removed, Kahuna Grip leaves behind no stick residue – unlike its counterparts.

  • Will It Tear?
  • No, while Kahuna Grib is very thin – it’s also very durable and difficult to tear.

  • Where Is It Made?
  • Kahuna Grip is made in the United States.

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Great Product, Love the Artwork!

J Williams | Fairbanks, AK | 18 Dec 2014

This page says it only comes in one color and one size, which is incorrect. I have large bathtubs and have this product in each. My kids got to design there own, and they come in a huge verity of colors patterns or artwork. Looks cool and no slipping! I'd buy again, if I had another bathroom.

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