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Knot Out Brush is a pet grooming tool that's suitable for all long-haired breeds of dogs and long-haired cats, too. With this tool, you'll be able to brush your pet's fur and unravel tangles without engaging in an excessive amount of yanking and pulling that might hurt your pet. Each tool's small blades are covered in safety teeth, so they'll never come in contact with your dog or cat's skin.

How It Works

Each Knot Out Brush contains several small, recessed blades that are covered by plastic safety teeth. As you run your pet's brush through their coat, it'll come to a gentle halt when it encounters a tangle. At that point, you'll need to press the small red button on the front of the tool. That'll activate the blades and cause them to rotate, unsnarling the tangle at hand. However, since each blade is covered in hard plastic, none of the blades will ever touch your pet's skin throughout the detangling process.


  • Shaped Like Hairbrush
  • This long and fairly thin tool has a shape similar to a hairbrush, so one will likely feel familiar in your hand as you use it on your pet.

  • Compact And Cordless
  • The Knot Out Brush doesn't require electricity to operate, so as long as there are working batteries in the device, you'll be able to groom your dog or cat wherever you choose. This device is small enough for you to toss into a large handbag or a backpack, so you'll even have the option of grooming your pet while the two of you aren't at home.

  • Doesn't Make Loud Noise
  • Unlike some battery-operated tools, this brush doesn't make any loud noises, so your pet will likely find it less scary than they would a noisier tool.

  • Hair Removal Sponge Included
  • Each brush comes with a small sponge designed specifically to remove pet hair, which'll come in handy when your long-haired pet sheds on your furniture, car seats, or anywhere else.

Positive Points

  • For Variety Of Breeds
  • While some grooming tools are designed for just dogs, and some are only suitable for cats, Knot Out Brush is safe for long-haired dogs and cats of any breed. ( It's not ideal for short-haired animals, due to the length of the teeth ).

  • Won't Hurt Pet
  • Some grooming tools may need to be yanked and pulled through your dog or cat's hair, which will irritate or even hurt your animal companion. Luckily, this won't be the case when you use Knot Out Brush, as pressing its button will allow the brush to glide smoothly through stubborn tangles.


  • Standard Brushes, Combs
  • Standard brushes and combs are the type of grooming tools that may need to be yanked or pulled, and even still, they may not take the largest tangles out of long animal fur. Knot Out Brush will be gentler on both your pet's coat and your own arms.

  • Professional Grooming
  • A professional groomer will can make your pet's tangled coat look great again, but you'll have to find the time and financial resources that you'll need for regular appointments.

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Tina | Wilkinsburg, PA | 21 Aug 2016

I purchased two of these knot-out products. They didn't work, the Company sent me two more. All total failures, don't waste your money.

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