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Although many men do not pay much attention to their looks, Micro Touch Laser can help them in ensuring that they accentuate their look. Micro Touch Laser is a all-in-one precision groomer that helps men to take care of their hair needs without any risk. Whether it is trimming the beards moustaches, sideburns, chest hairs, ears, neckline and other parts of the body, this laser is your safest option. It is used on any part of the body whether it is on the face, neck or any other part. One interesting feature of the laser is the fact that you do not need light to see what you are doing since it comes with an in-built spotlight. Below here is some more information on this amazing laser for men.


  • Spotlight
  • Most of the times, we end using too much light when shaving the beards or excess hairs in other parts of the body. Sometimes we might end up doing a shady job just because the light was not bright enough. However much we do not have a choice at some point, this should be a thing of the past with the Micro Touch Laser which comes with an inbuilt spotlight. This ensures that you will never miss out on a single hair strand. The package also includes a 10-piece grooming kit with nail clippers and nail files among other small grooming stuff.

  • Angled Tip
  • With a laser guided precision, you have a clear angle of how you want to shave. The angled tip together with the spotlight assists in enhancing precision. There is nothing that can be compared to a moustache or a side-burn that has been trimmed inappropriately.

  • Safe To Touch
  • No one likes the result of a mishandled razor blade especially when it has something to do with your face. A cut on your beard, ears, nose or side burn can be very irritating even when washing your face. The Micro Touch Laser is a very safe option to touch and use on your face. If it is safe on your face, then it is definitely safe on any other part of your body. Although it is safer than a blade, the results are almost the same. Why not go for the safe to touch option if the results are almost the same?

  • Stainless Steel
  • Some poor quality lasers will rust when they come into contact with water or they are exposed to moisture for long. With the Micro Touch Laser, you do not have to worry about this as it is made from German stainless steel blades which make it a great quality.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Insert Buttons
  2. Micro Touch laser has a battery portal when you put the ordinary batteries although it does not generate enough power with this. Many suggest that the ordinary batteries should be replaced with the rechargeable ones.

  3. Switch On
  4. After inserting the batteries, switch it on.

  5. Place Over Hair
  6. Place it over the hair that you want to trim off. It has a spotlight and angle tip that helps with precision for a perfect trimming.

Negative Points

  • Scraping
  • Although one of its features is soft to touch, it can be quite uncomfortable using it in sensitive areas. It can cause scraping on areas such as eyebrows, nose hair and chest hair thus it is no highly recommended for these areas. A scrap can last for a few days and thereafter scars which is something that nobody wants to deal with.

  • Not Effective
  • However much effective the laser is said to be, it is only great for touch-up work and not as a solution for a comprehensive hair trimming. This can greatly affect guys who want to trim their hairs at home. It’s disappointing that you cannot shave the hairs on your head or reach every part of your body with the laser. A good example is when shaving your neck as you will definitely leave out some hairs.

  • Low Speed And Energy
  • The speed of the Micro Touch Laser is not high enough to get rid of the trimmed hairs. Instead of capturing the hairs or letting them fall off, the hairs get stuck which interrupts its operation. Since the laser uses the ordinary battery, this does not seem to give it enough power for the tasks.

  • Expensive
  • Everyone wants to save some few cents whenever they can and if something seems to be expensive, then they would rather go for what seems to be more affordable. Some say that the laser is not worth neither the hype nor the cost. One reason is that a normal laser can give the same results as the Micro Touch laser. The amount you spend in this single laser is enough to purchase powerful moustache, nose and beard trimmers.

  • Not An All-in-one Trimmer
  • There are several reasons it is not the all-in-one trimmer that it is said to be. The hairs on your back are tough and it is sad that the Micro Touch Laser cannot get through them. Getting a trimmer for each job should be a priority otherwise you will buy the laser and only use it for touch up before your next appointment to your salon.

How it's Different from Competitors

There are several other similar products in the market today. You do not necessarily have to buy Micro Touch Laser for your hairs to be trimmed with ease. All of these lasers do a great job when trimming hairs on your neck, ears, beard line, eyebrows, chest and nose. One feature that distinguishes this amazing laser from its competitors is its spotlight which has a wider beam. This means that you can see beyond where you want to trim. The issue with this specific trimmer is that it does not generate enough power to do a great job due to the ordinary batteries that it uses. For your nose hairs and eyebrows, get a specific trimmer as this one is does not offer an accurate precision. Weigh your options when looking for the best hair trimmers that will not only be pocket friendly, but will also be useful.

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