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The Light Angel is a motion-activated LED light that can be hung virtually anywhere, indoors or outdoors. It does not require electricity, and will switch on when anything, including a pet, human, or car, crosses its path. You are able to swivel the light on its base or tilt it back and forth to aim light exactly where you need it to go.

How It Works

In order to hang your Light Angel, you can simply stick it to a flat surface like a wall or doorway by using the weather-resistant adhesive that comes with it. Once the light is hung, its sensors will be activated by any motion, and due to its wireless, non-electric nature, it will continue to work as usual when the power is out. Its seven lightbulbs, which are spaced periodically throughout the device, will offer light for up to 100,000 hours in total without burning out. To conserve energy, the light will turn off after one minute’s time, if no additional motion is detected.


  1. Porches
  2. You can use the Light Angel on either your back or front porch to light the way for yourself, family members or guests who are coming or going at nighttime.

  3. Patios
  4. The Light Angel will provide illumination when you're hanging out on the patio after dark.

  5. Pools
  6. If you sometimes swim after dark, hanging the Light Angel near your pool will make it more safe to do so. Having it near the pool will also reduce the risk of any non-swimmers accidentally stumbling into the pool and drowning.

  7. Stairways
  8. The Light Angel will give you some light as you walk up and down indoor or outdoor stairways at night. Therefore, you will reduce your risk of falling up or down the stairs.

  9. Sheds
  10. Due to being small and often not having a formal light source, sheds can be dark, especially at night. This makes it difficult to find things in one of these sometimes crowded structures. However, if you mount a Light Angel, you won't have this problem. You may not go into your shed often, but you won't even be charged for the light's use, due to the fact that it doesn't require electricity.

  11. Garage
  12. It's no fun stepping out of the car into a dark garage and having to fumble your way toward the house. If you mount a Light Angel in your garage, you won't be stumbling, as it will sense that your car has entered and light up the area.

  13. Closet
  14. As with a shed, it will be much easier to find things in a dark, cramped closet if you have a Light Angel hanging in there.

  15. Under Car Seat
  16. If you often have to dig for items you've dropped under your car seat, putting a Light Angel under the seat will make this task much easier.

Positive Points

  • Reduces Risk Of Break-ins
  • The Light Angel will reduce the risk of someone successfully breaking into your house. If someone tries to do so while you're home, chances are you'll see the light go on as it senses the thief's motion. On the other hand, if you're not home, the thief will see the light. Therefore, they may assume that you actually are there and leave.

  • Cool To Touch
  • The light remains cool to the touch, so if you accidentally touch it, or a child chooses to give it a poke, no one will burn themselves.

  • Uses Aa Batteries
  • The Light Angel takes four AA batteries, and AA is a battery type that is very easy to find in stores.

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