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Luxy Hair Extensions are one of the most affordable and high quality hair extensions available on the market today. Their small, yet reliable clips are easy to use and invisible - so no one would know the difference between the extensions and your real hair. Since there is no need to use any glue or wax, users will be able to avoid the huge mess that comes with such necessities. These extensions can give hair that shiny, thick look everyone wants.


  • Exchange And Refund Possible
  • Whether one doesn’t like the color or simply changes their mind, a complete refund is offered by the company. This means users have no risk in their purchase of the extensions.

  • Easily Attaches To Hair
  • The tiny clips that are used to attach the extensions to hair can be attached in a few minutes. This means one can make the long, shiny locks part of their daily look, considering the little time required. On top of this, since no waxes or glues are used, your natural hair is kept safe from damage.


  • Uncomfortable To Sleep In
  • You will have to go through the process of attaching the extensions on a daily basis since sleeping in them will cause some discomfort.

  • Difficult To Wash
  • Although the extensions will not need to be washed daily, when time comes to wash them - a lot of time will be needed. Users find the locks difficult to handle when washing.


  • Has Different Size Options
  • You can select from the 120g, 160g and 220g hair extension set. This makes it ideal for any hair thickness, whether thin or thick. It is also possible to store the extra locks in case some get damaged.

  • Has Different Color Options
  • This allows one to get the extension that is closes to their natural hair color, making it difficult to differentiate between the two. It is also possible for users to color the extensions if they desire.


Get those beautiful, thick locks without having to apply any chemicals to your hair. Within a few minutes, witness your new, transformed look everyone will envy. Without the use of waxes or glues, your natural hair will be kept safe and you can use your new locks daily.

How It Works

Luxy Hair Extensions work by locking onto the natural hair with small clips. These clips are quite invisible, which means that nobody will notice that you are using extensions.

How it's Different from Competitors

Unlike other extensions that make use of waxes and glues to attach the locks to natural hair, luxy doesn’t use any such harmful products. This means that your natural hair will be kept safe from damage while you enjoy your gorgeous locks every day.


  • Tressmatch
  • This is easier to wash compared to the luxy hair extension and is made from human hair, making it appear more natural. It comes in a 9 piece combination that allows for more flexibility and versatility.

  • X&y Angel Two Tone Extension
  • These are synthetic hair extensions that come in two tone color combinations, which are ideal for fashion-oriented women.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Select Size Depending On Hair
  2. Make sure you go for a size that will match the natural thickness of your hair. This will prevent you from getting extensions that are too thin or thick for your hair.

  3. Keep Locks For Future Use
  4. In case you purchase too many locks, it is always good to set aside a few for whenever your current locks get damaged.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Long Do They Last?
  • The extension can last from three months to a year depending on how they are used.

  • How About Washing Them?
  • It is recommended that they are washed after 10 to 20 wears.

  • Are There Return Policies?
  • Yes, a full exchange and refund is available within 30 days as long as the product hasn’t been worn.

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