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Magic Jack offers unlimited phone calls to mobile and landlines for only twenty dollars per year. Additionally, they provide free, unlimited international to Magic Jack numbers.


  • Make Calls Easily
  • This product uses digital voice calling using the internet. Consumers don’t need a separate phone line. They can even keep their current number, use an existing phone, if they want.

  • Voice Mail And Meetings
  • Magic Jack offers free digital voice mail to e-mail and phone. Consumers can also enjoy free conference calling.

  • Smartphone App
  • Smart phone users can enjoy a companion app for free which doesn’t use mobile minutes. This too lets users call the United States, Canada, or United states Territories, for free. Any tablet, smartphone, or other wi-fi enabled device can be converted into a working phone.


  • Needs Wi-fi
  • Magic Jack only works with wi-fi connections. If consumers are using it in an area where there is no wireless internet, it won’t work. Additionally, the clarity purported on the infomercial, that of crystal clear calls every time, is not a legitimate guarantee. Just the same as a download or video might buffer or stall with a diminished wireless connection, so too will the calls made using the internet.

    Making a free call to a business might not go well if the wi-fi is being used by multiple people. It can be negatively impacted if someone else is downloading something, if the signal is not strong, or if consumers move their physical location.

    Due to the fact that it only works with wi-fi, consumers cannot necessarily make phone calls when they need to. Even with the free smart phone app, it still takes wi-fi to make Magic Jack work. Users still cannot go beyond their internet connection when making a call.

How it's Different from Competitors

The Skype App is a comparable company, one of the most popular voice over internet phone services. It too can work on old tablets or any device which has wi-fi connectivity. This app can make calls to any Skype number for free.

A main difference is that this product gives you a phone number for the United States. Skype does not do this automatically. Using Skype consumers have to pay for a number about seventeen dollars per year. This is about the same as this product however they just list their charges differently.

The Skype App gives users free calls to any other Skype user. Therefore anyone around the world can download the app for free to any wi-fi receiving device then make free calls with video or voice, upload files or receive images. In order to make phone calls to cell phones or landlines, users have to pay per minute, at rates which vary based on the country. There is still the ability to call people locally in addition to internationally without paying for the Skype number.

Consumers get voice mail services with an email that notifies them of a voice mail the same as Magic Jack.

Magic Jack offers consumers the ability to call any American or Canadian mobile or landline for the same fee. Skype offers this for a higher cost.

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