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We’d all love to open doors and let fresh air in. But, along with fresh air comes insects and other unwanted creatures. Doors are kept closed to keep away these tiny bugs. Magic mesh lets you have the desired airflow without the hassle of bugs flying into your home. This product has magnets that automatically stick together after you walk through the door. If you are carrying a lot in your hands, you can easily get into your home hands-free without worrying about the door.


  • Easy Walk-through
  • This product gives you an easy walk in and out method. It is perfect for single doors and even sliding doors. No longer will you need to hold the door as you awkwardly pass carrying a ton of stuff. The mesh closes automatically after you pass.

  • Ideal For Pets
  • None of us have time to open the door for the dog or cat to pass - but none of us want to leave it open either. Magic mesh has the solution to this dilemma. With its’ light material, anything that passes through it whether it’s your dog, cat or kid will have no problem as it quickly closes behind them.


  • Flimsy
  • Since it is made from quite cheap and easy to open material, Magic Mesh can be quite flimsy which would mean you shouldn’t expect a lot of durability. Regular replacement may also be necessary in order to make sure the mesh is still in good condition.

  • Falls Apart At Seams
  • Considering the light, cheap material used in the product, customers have complained that the mesh ends up falling apart at seams. This would mean one would need to be quite gentle when walking through the door and any harsh action might cause permanent damage to the mesh making it useless.


  • Two Mesh Panels
  • Magic mesh has two 83 inch by 19.5 inch mesh panels which make it the ideal size for single doors, and similar sized doors such as mobile home doors.

  • Hook And Loop Strips
  • . It also contains 12 hook and loop strips which make it easy to install and 20 wood tacks for firm attachment.

How It Works

Magic mesh has nothing to do with magic. This product works because of the 18 magnets that instantly move apart when the door is opened and instantly stick together once you pass through. Magic mesh is ideal for single doors, sliding doors, even campers and RV’s and even pets. Since it closes gently every time, you can put an end to irritating slamming of doors. It’s easy to install, requires no nails and can be put together in seconds and stays up all the while no matter how often you walk through it.

How it's Different from Competitors

Other screen doors are not only cumbersome to install requiring nails and screws but are also pricey, burning a hole in your pocket. They don’t have the convenience that comes with not having to hold the door open.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Clean Door Frame First
  2. Make sure you clean the area thoroughly before deciding to stick it up.

  3. Measure Door Frame First
  4. Also measure out your door frame, center it and get all the dimensions right so that the magnets are sure to align.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Time To Install
  • If you follow the instructions closely, it takes just a few minutes.

  • Can It Withstand Strong Winds?
  • Considering the light material used, it would be best to close your door on extremely windy days.

  • How Do You Mount The Screen?
  • You can either used double backed tape or the included wood tucks that come with the mesh.

  • Can It Be Cut?
  • Yes, you can but this would mean you would find another way to stick the mesh rendering the tucks useless.

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