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The Maximizer Styler is a 5-in-1 hair styling tools that uses stylonic technology to provide people with salon-styled hair in minutes. It adds volume, provides shine and straightens hair. This product features a ceramic barrel, ionic function and 2 temperature settings. For endless confidence, this product makes unmanageable hair beautiful.


  • Appeases Frizz
  • One of the biggest hair flaws that people are forced to deal with is frizz. The Maximizer Styler eliminates this problem for smooth, flawless hair that you will surely adore.

  • Adds Volume
  • Dull and flat hair is a thing of the past thanks to the Maximizer Styler. This marvelous hair styling tool does wonders when it comes to adding volume to hair. After just one single use, people will notice much more volume in their luscious locks.


  • Heat Settings
  • The Maximizer Styler only has two heat settings. This means that there is a lack of variety and some people may find it more difficult to use than others.

  • Tangles
  • Due to the stiff bristles, a common problem that many people face is the Maximizer Styler getting tangled into their hair. The bristles are what helps to make the product effective but when it is not used properly it can get entangled in the hair easily.


  • Styling Clips
  • When using the maximzer styler, you will easily be able to create stunning and salon-quality hairstyles with the help of the 3 styling clips. These will help keep your hair back and away to create truly beautiful hair without spending a penny.

  • Ceramic Barrel
  • The Maximizer Styler is designed with a ceramic barrel that generates heat so you can style your hair as desired. This feature is what helps make the product so effective.


Every day will be a fabulous hair day when you own a Maximizer Styler. It straightens better than a flat iron, curls better than a curler and eliminates frizz completely. People will be able to achieve salon-quality hair without the expenses or hassle. No matter what your hair type may e, this product is sure to do great things for your hair.

How It Works

The Maximizer Styler features revolutionary stylonic technology that uses a ceramic barrel to generate heat. This technology allows people to style their hair while emitting powerful ionic molecules which create hydration and fight frizz. Whether you're going for bouncy curls or straight locks, the Maximizer Stylers does it all.

How it's Different from Competitors

The Maximizer Styler is different from the competitors because it performs more than one task. This amazing beauty product straights and curls hair without sacrificing the stunning results that people are hoping for.


  • Instyler
  • The instyler straightens, curls and adds essential volume to hair which makes it similar to the Maximizer Styler. Also, the main difference is that this product only features bristles on one side, rather than all around.

  • Click N Curl
  • Unlike the Maximizer Styler, the click n curl only curls hair. It is a fast and easy way to get professional styling results right at home.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Warm Up
  2. To ensure that the Maximizer Styler does it job correctly, you should give it time to heat up. The recommended time is usually only about 5 minutes.

  3. Use On Dry Hair
  4. For the best results possible, only use the Maximizer Styler on hair that is dry. This will help ensure that frizz is completely diminished and hair is shiny.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is It Safe For Fine Hair?
  • Yes, the Maximizer Styler is safe for thin hair.

  • How Many Settings Are There?
  • The Maximizer Styler features 2 different heat settings. Low is meant for fine hair while high is meant for thicker and curly hair types.

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