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Scratchx 2. 0 is designed to be a quick removal of blemishes and paint scratches. The micro-abrasive formula removes paint scratches and restores gloss fast. This product can be applied by a polisher or by hand. It can be used safely in an auto body paint shop.


Safe To Clear Coat

- The scratchx 2. 0 is completely safe to the clear coat of your car. It will not damage your car or the clear coat.

Can Be Applied Easily

- The scratchx 2. 0 can be applied very easily by a polisher or your hand. It will not harm your skin and works with a dual action polisher.


Instructions Not Clear

- Some people have complained that the instructions need to be explained in more detail to obtain the proper results.

Doesn't Work On Deep Scratches

- This product works great on light scratches, but on deep scratches - it only makes it invisible from 3 ft. Away. You may need to consult a professional for deep scratches.


Buffs Out Scratches Easily

- Scratchx 2. 0 buffs out small scratches, swirls and blemishes. This can be done with a little elbow grease and a polisher or your hand. A polishing cloth can also be used.

Restores The Clear Finish

- By using scratchx 2. 0 to buff out your blemishes, you are also restoring your clear finish on your paint job. This makes your car shine brighter and restores its polished appearance.


Scratches can reduce the value of your car, which makes removing them a must. This can work for off road scratches with scratchx 2. 0. It quickly removes any light scratches from a car’s paint job.

How It Works

Just by adding a dab of scratchx 2. 0 to a buffing cloth and buffing in a counter motion against the scratch, you will buff out these tiny imperfections. Once you are done buffing, wipe it clean with a clean cloth and the scratch should be gone.

How it's Different from Competitors

The scratchx 2. 0 has a one step process. You polish the scratch, then wipe clean. With other scratch removers, you have a multiple step process that takes more time and energy.


Turtle Wax Swirl Remover

- Ultra-fine polish removes minor scratches and scuffs to leave a mirror-like shine. It works great by hand or a polisher. This product needs to be polished until the scratch or scuff is gone. Turtle wax swirl remover is reasonably priced.

Nu Finish Scratch Doctor

- This not only removes scratches and scuffs - but it also removes bugs, tar and oxidation. It can be used on fiber glass, boats, motorcycles, cars, airplanes, home appliances and chrome.

Tips & Tricks

1. Rub Against The Scratch

- Do not rub down the scratch; rub from side to side on the scratch and rub with elbow grease so that it will firmly buff it out.

2. Clean Surface Before Using

- Make sure you clean the surface area before scratchx 2. 0. This will help to remove the scratch or blemish and leave a clear coat finish.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will It Remove Deep Scratches?

- It will help in diminishing the appearance - but will not completely eliminate the scratch.

Can You Use A Buffer?

- Yes, you can use a buffer on low speed. But, your hands would be best as they allow you to control the strength and pressure.

How Well Does It Work?

- As long as the scratches are mild, it should completely remove them when done properly.

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