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The Mighty Blaster is a durable hose attachment that can be used when you want to create a powerful spray. It can also be used as a mist when you wish to complete tasks that require a gentler stream of water. This attachment will fit on any garden hose, plus due to its lightness and portability, can easily be taken on and off, or transferred between hoses.

How It Works

The Mighty Blaster has been designed using the same pressure control technology that has been used within the design of expensive hoses that professional firefighters take on the job. Its valve effectively turns flowing water into a powerful spray that can fill anything up quickly or obliterate any dirt. Your Mighty Blaster will even spray up to 30 feet in the air. However, if you want a lighter stream of water, all you need to do is twist the attachment's nozzle in order to turn it down.


  1. Driveways And Walkways
  2. You can use the Mighty Blaster to easily get rid of dirt, leaves and other debris on your driveway or walkway. Even if your driveway's long, this attachment will enable you to get the job done fairly quickly.

  3. Household Siding
  4. Household siding, no matter what type, tends to pick up dirt over the years. Plus, it sometimes will rust. Your Mighty Blaster will blast away even the most stubborn siding stains.

  5. Decks
  6. Like driveways and walkways, decks often end up containing a great deal of dirt and debris, but the Mighty Blaster will make short work of all this. You are also able to use the attachment to quickly clean off any soiled patio furniture.

  7. Mold And Mildew
  8. If you have any brick mortar or grouted tile in your yard that tends to get covered with mold and / or mildew, the Mighty Blaster will clean this off, too.

  9. Wasp Nests
  10. When there's a wasp nest that you need to get rid of without getting yourself attacked by wasps, simply use the Mighty Blaster to blast the nest from far away.

  11. Windows
  12. The Mighty Blaster's far-reaching spray is even capable of cleaning dirt off second and third-story windows, in addition to the lower ones.

  13. Gardens And Flowerbeds
  14. If you turn the attachment down so that the stream is less powerful, the Mighty Blaster is great for watering your garden and flowerbeds. At its lightest stream setting, it will even water delicate flowers without destroying them.

Positive Points

  • Durable
  • The Mighty Blaster is made of aircraft-grade aluminum and stainless steel of a high quality, so it should last a long time, even with frequent use.

  • Comfort Grip
  • The attachment has a comfort-grip handle so that your arm and wrist don't get very tired while you use your hose.


  • Pressure Washers
  • Pressure washers offer a powerful stream of water, but they can be a hassle to use, as they are fairly large and need to be wheeled around. Plus, they're often expensive and make a great deal of noise while you use them. The Mighty Blaster's stream is so powerful on its own that you will no longer need your pressure washer, if you have one.

  • Plastic Attachments
  • There are many plastic garden hose attachments available, but they are not as durable in comparison to the Mighty Blaster, so they often break easily. Most of them don't offer as powerful a stream as the Mighty Blaster, either.

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Don’t Drop It!

Frankie Moore | Azusa, CA | 05 Dec 2017

It was working great! I had just took it out of the packaging and had been using it for about 10 minutes. I Was about 10 feet off the ground and I dropped it. It broke into two pieces. I It can’t be fixed. So disappointed!

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James | Windsor, CA | 25 Apr 2015

Come off it, this product stinks, read the other reviews if you think I am kidding. They use a trick high powered water pressure in the promotion, this is worse than a common a common nozzle you can buy anywhere.

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