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Miracle Copper Socks are copper-infused compression socks that relieve swelling and aching in the feet and legs, along with boosting circulation, making you feel energized throughout the day. You can slip them on easily, and they fit in any shoe, whether you prefer trainers, walking shoes, or even heels. They will keep your feet consistently dry and comfortable, and they are low-maintenance, as they are machine washable.

How It Works

Miracle Copper Socks rely on the combination of two technologies to do their job. First of all, they are made up of copper-infused fibers, and secondly, they gradually compress the feet. As the aforementioned fibers aid with the graduation compression, you will feel as if you are having a foot massage. Aside from reducing aches, pains, and swelling, and aiding with circulation, the socks also help relieve symptoms arising due to varicose veins. Additionally, the copper within them is an anti-microbial agent, so it will help reduce unwanted foot odor. The socks’ fabric is wickable, which means it will easily soak up unwanted moisture so your feet stay free of uncomfortable sweat all day long.


  1. Work
  2. . Standing up all day at work can cause your feet to hurt, while sitting in the same chair all day at the office can cause them to swell. Wearing Miracle Copper Socks while you work will reduce the chances that aching or swelling will occur, and will help relieve the symptoms if they do.

  3. Travel
  4. During long car trips for business or pleasure, the feet and ankles also may begin to swell. Having Miracle Copper Socks on as you drive can prevent, or at least reduce, that effect.

  5. Athletic Activities
  6. Whether you’re going to the gym, jogging outside, or hitting the soccer field, Miracle Copper Socks will keep your feet pain-free and free of excessive sweat as you exercise.

Positive Points

  • Attractive Look
  • . Some compression socks look ugly and bulky, but not the Miracle Copper Socks. They are thin and mainly black, with swatches of brown copper on the sole and instep. Even teenagers and young adults can wear them without being embarrassed about the color scheme or the level of bulk. Unless you’re wearing an incredibly open shoe, only the black parts of each sock will be visible to the eye.

  • Suitable For Almost Any User
  • While some compression socks are designed for seniors with varicose veins or arthritis, the miracle compression socks are suitable for people of any age to wear. Both men and women are able to wear them without feeling uncomfortable, as their design appears gender-neutral, with no excessive pinks, greens or other colors sometimes considered gender-exclusive.

  • Reduce Odors
  • Often, feet become very smelly after a long day at work, hours driving, or a long session of athletic activity, and this can make a person quite self-conscious and embarrassed. However, Miracle Copper Socks eliminate this problem, as the anti-microbial copper within them minimizes the presence of bacteria that causes foot stench.

  • Simple To Use
  • It is easy to use these socks on a daily basis, as you can just slip them on like any other pair, along with any pair of shoes. The fact that they are machine washable also makes them simple to clean. You won't need to waste time washing them out by hand or taking them to a dry cleaner's.

Negative Points

  • Available In One Color Scheme
  • It is pleasing that the Miracle Copper Socks are available in a combination of gender-neutral black and brown. However, they may be a more attractive product if there were more color options available. This wouldn't restrict the socks' use to those of a certain gender or those who dress in a certain style. Alternatively, it would just open up more options to users when pairing them with certain pairs of shoes.


  • Diabetics Take Note
  • Using the Miracle Copper Socks may pose some problems for people with diabetes, so all diabetics should talk to their doctors before purchasing or using this product.

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