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The Miracle Peeler is a tool that allows you to easily peel or slice vegetables. It is a slicer that can be used both backwards and forwards, saving you time as you peel or slice your vegetables. This product is made of German grade stainless steel which is meant to last a lifetime. Since it is so long lasting and durable, you will never need another slicer or peeler in your kitchen for your produce.


  • Two In One Tool
  • The Miracle Peeler has a peeler on one side of it and a slicer on the other. Additionally, the peeler allows you to easily and effortlessly cut through tomatoes, eggplants, carrots and more with precision peeling. Its slicer gives you the option to julienne your food for salads, decorations, or anything else you would like to use julienne slices for, as the options are limitless.

  • Resourceful Equipment
  • The accompanying vegetable holder ensures that you get every slice out of your vegetables as your slice or julienne your food. In time, this saves you money and allows you to use less vegetables.


  • Less Waste
  • Since the Miracle Peeler is precise enough to utilize most of each vegetable, this will ensure there is less waste overall while you are preparing your food. Thus, since there is less waste, it will mean a more productive and efficient way of cooking without needless wasted vegetables.

  • Rubber Grip
  • The non-slip rubber grip allows you to firmly grab your peeler and make swift, precise movements with it. By having a non-slip grip, you gain more control over the tool. Thus, you will be able to julienne with more precision and care. Your slices will come out more elegant since you will not be straining as you slice.


  • Manual
  • While the Miracle Peeler is convenient, resourceful and precise – it is still manual. This means you must be able to manually peel, slice, or julienne vegetables in order for this tool to be useful for you. Those with disabilities which prevent them from using manual kitchen tools might find a tool that is automatic to be more feasible.

  • Only One Size
  • If you are cooking in large quantities, this tool might prove to be cumbersome. Its design is small, allowing it to be handheld – but this also means your hand will be doing all the work. For larger amounts of peeling, it might be better to have an automatic peeler instead.

How It Works

The Miracle Peeler includes stainless steel that can cut tomatoes so thin you can see through them. While it can be gentle enough to do that, it can also be tough enough to peel or julienne your carrots or harder root veggies. Since back and forth motions are possible, you are able to peel faster and more efficiently. Use one side for peeling and the other side to julienne your food.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will It Dull?
  • No, the Miracle Peeler is guaranteed to never dull due to its quality stainless steel blades and design.

  • How Strong Is It?
  • The Miracle Peeler is strong enough to peel a pineapple, though it is also gentle enough to peel a tomato.

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